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Portrait of Marie-Catherine “MC” Mignault

Future of Work Fellow Studies Self-Expression

by Julie Greco

Marie-Catherine “MC” Mignault has been named a Future of Work Fellow by ILR’s Experimental Psychology and Organizations Lab, where she is working on diverse projects with Associate Professor Vanessa Bohns and Assistant Professor Brian Lucas.

With Bohns, Mignault is exploring how one’s background, particularly the socioeconomic status of one’s upbringing, might impact how effectively people set boundaries and ask for help. Her project with Lucas in the lab, known as ExPo, focuses on the links between accurate self-expression and creativity.

“We’re looking at self-expression in creative work groups,” Lucas said. “When trying to spark creativity and generate original ideas, workers are often told to ‘just be yourself.’ But is it enough to just be yourself? Or do your teammates also need to accurately perceive who you are, for better or for worse, to gain the creative benefits of ‘being yourself’?”

“MC brings with her new training, ideas and theoretical perspectives that enrich the intellectual community of the Expo Lab.”

Mignault completed her doctorate in the Social and Clinical Psychology departments at McGill University in August 2022. Her research centers on accurate self-expression.

“Thanks to the Future of Work fellowship, I am exposed to the rich multi-disciplinary environment of Industrial and Labor Relations scientists, learning from experts in Organizational Behavior,” Mignault said. “As a result, I am gaining a strong foundation to apply my research on accurate self-expression to the world of work and organizational relations.”

Julie Greco

  • Communications Specialist