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The Future of Work

The ILR School exists to further our understanding of the world of work, labor and employment. We use research methods from multiple disciplines to address challenging questions that have impact on employment relations, human resources, labor, business, workers, economics, law and policy, organizational behavior, and many other aspects of working life.

The Future of Work fellowship program gives us opportunities to support innovative researchers across disciplines and fields. This program allows us to enhance the research activities of our faculty and offer academic hospitality to promising early-career researchers here at Cornell.

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Future of Work Fellow Studies Job Search Platforms, Job Seekers

Bart de Koning is part of the ILR’s Labor Dynamics Institute.
Portrait of Bart de Koning
Future of Work Fellow Studies Job Search Platforms, Job Seekers

Future of Work Fellow Studies Self-Expression

Marie-Catherine Mignault is part of ILR’s Experimental Psychology and Organizations Lab. ExPo Lab.
Portrait of Marie-Catherine “MC” Mignault
Future of Work Fellow Studies Self-Expression

About the Future of Work Fellowship Program

The ILR Future of Work fellowship program supports postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students who work with our world-leading faculty on innovative and impactful research projects. Fellowships are awarded to faculty and units at ILR to allow them to hire the very best early-career researchers in their fields. Fellowships will support three or four postdoctoral researchers, as well as one doctoral student, each year for five years.

This fellowship program is designed to promote the benefits of strong collaboration between newer researchers and resident faculty members in studying impactful topics related to the future of work. Fellows and their faculty sponsors alike are enabled to address challenging research questions and break out of any stereotypes or default thinking around the future of work.

The Fellows benefit directly from engagement and mentoring from the ILR faculty members they work with, establishing a track record and path to future career success.

Faculty benefit from the work of the Fellows in advancing their research projects and opening up new opportunities and innovations through collaborations with these early career academics.

This is a five-year program, which will typically award 3 to 4 fellowships annually.

Opportunities to Expand

The Future of Work Fellowship program has been made possible through a generous philanthropic gift. Funding research opportunities that balance focused research and potentially broad impact is a rare opportunity for many researchers – especially when a program like this can help underpin early careers while advancing the research of resident faculty.

If you would like to learn about supporting the Future of Work Fellowship program, please contact Jennifer Dean, ILR Alumni Affairs & Development.

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