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Courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to count towards the ILR Distribution Requirement. A course that introduces students to the foundation of “Western” political, economic, and legal thought which covers a) a period of time broad enough to affect contemporary thought; and b) at least two thinkers, authors, or contributors to the Western Intellectual Tradition.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2024


* AMST 1115/GOVT 1111 Introduction to American Government and Politics

AMST 1530/HIST 1530 Introduction to American History I

AMST 1531/HIST 1531 Introduction to American History II

AMST 1640/HIST 1640 U.S. History since the Great Depression

AMST 2020 Popular Culture in the United States, 1950—2000

AMST 2220/HIST 2220 From the New Deal to the Age of Reagan

* AMST 2640/AAS 2130/HIST 2640 Introduction to Asian American History

* AMST 2760/ENGL 2761/PMA 2560/VISST 2300 American Cinema

AMST 3032/ASRC 3031/HIST 3031/LATA 3031 Race and Revolution in the Americas: 1776-1900

* AMST 3121/GOVT 3121 Crime and Punishment

AMST 3131/GOVT 3131/LAW 4131 The Nature, Functions, and Limits of Law

AMST 3140/CAPS 3140/HIST 3140 The United States in the World

AMST 3450/HIST 3450 Cultural and Intellectual Life of 19th Century Americans

AMST 3533/PMA 3533 Screen and Story: Script Analysis

AMST 3605/ARTH 3605 U.S. Art from FDR to Reagan

AMST 3665/GOVT 3665/HIST 3160 American Political Thought from Madison to Malcolm

* ARTH 2200/ARKEO 2700/CLASS 2700 Introduction to the Classical world in 24 Objects

ARTH 2400/VISST 2645 Introduction to Art History – Renaissance and Baroque Art

ARTH 2600 Introduction to Art History: The Modern Era

ARTH 3440/VISST 3443 Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael and their World

ARTH 3760/FREN 3610/VISST 3662 Impressionism in Society

ASIAN 3305/CAPS 3000/HIST 3391 Seminar on American Relations with China

* ASRC 1500 Introduction to Africana Studies

ASRC 4605 Public Policy and the African-American Urban Community

CAPS 3857/GOVT 3857 American Foreign Policy

CLASS 2601 The Greek Experience

* CLASS 2603 Initiation to Greek Culture

* CLASS 2604 Greek Mythology

CLASS 2612 The Roman Experience

CLASS 2651/COML 2230/PMA 2635 The Comic Theatre

* CLASS 2661/PHIL 2200 Greek and Roman Philosophy

CLASS 2675/HIST 2650 Ancient Greece from Helen to Alexander

CLASS 2681/HIST 2670 A History of Rome

CLASS 3642/COML 3820 Victorian Greeks and Romans

COML 2010 Great Books (Fall Semester)

COML 2020 Great Books (Spring Semester)

COML 2033 Crimes and Passions in the European Novel

COML 3630 The European Novel

COML 4471/GERST 4471/MDVL 4471 Premodern/Postmodern

DSOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology

DSOC 3010 Theories of Society and Development

GOVT 1615/PHIL 1420 Introduction to Modern Political Theory

* GOVT 1817 Making Sense of World Politics

GOVT 2605/PHIL 2420 Social and Political Philosophy

GERST 4250/COML 4250/GOVT 4735 Mar , Nietzsche, Freud

HIST 1510 Introduction to Western Civilization I

HIST 1511 The Making of Modern Europe, from 1500 to the Present

HIST 1585 Sports and Politics in American History

* HIST 1600 History of the Law Great Trial

HIST 1960/LATA 1960 Modern Latin America

HIST 2810/STS 2811 Science in Western Civilization

HIST 3490 Renaissance England, 1485-1660

HIST 3500/ITAL 3500/MDVL 3500 The Italian Renaissance

HIST 3510/ITAL 3510/MEDVL 3510 Machiavelli

HIST 3700/JWST 3700/NES 3600 History of the Holocaust

HIST 4361/HIST/CLASS Unconventional and Hybrid Warfare in Ancient Greece and Rome

* ILRLR 4820 Ethics at Work

ILRLR 4880 The Mind of the Founders

JWST 2651/NES 2651/RELST 2651 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

JWST 2724/NES 2724/RELST 2724 The Jewish Bible-Old Testament in Context

LAW 4051 The Death Penalty in America

NTRES 3320 Introduction to Ethics and Environment

* PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 1450 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 2220 Modern Philosophy

* PHIL 2410 Ethics

PHIL 2530/RELST 2630 Religion and Reason

PHIL 2610 Knowledge and Reality

* SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 2190 Introduction to Economic Sociology

SOC 2560 Sociology of Law

* SOC 2070/PAM 2250/AMST 2070 Social Problems in the United States