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Understanding your commitment

Accepting the offer of an internship imposes a firm commitment from which you may not withdraw except under extraordinary circumstances and with the explicit permission of the program director. Consequently, it is essential that you proceed with both due deliberation and a full understanding of the personal obligations attendant to the decision you make.

Clarifying the internship conditions

When you do decide to accept an offer, make certain that you have clarified the conditions under which you are accepting the internship: the stipend (if any); the hours; the starting date and the time and place to which you should report; the name of your immediate supervisor; and, the nature of your work assignment. Once you have accepted an assignment, immediately notify the program director. If you still have an application pending with any other organization(s) be sure to inform them that you are no longer available to accept a placement.

Forms that must be signed

After clarifying the details of your internship, you must read and sign the "Confidential Information Agreement" and "Acceptance of Internship Assignment" form (

). Return the completed form to the program director, 381 Ives East.

Mandatory orientation session

A mandatory orientation session will be conducted by the program director shortly before the end of the term. Faculty legislation requires that you attend this orientation session. Failure to attend will result in the revocation of your eligibility for an internship.