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You must arrange for a faculty supervisor prior to submitting your application.

How and When to Choose a Faculty Supervisor

You are required to arrange for an appropriate ILR faculty member to supervise the internship. Faculty members should be chosen after you have decided on the type of internship to be undertaken. Since the Academic Standards Committee requires would-be interns to obtain a faculty member's signature on the application form prior to submission, students will find they usually do not know where they will be interning and cannot, therefore, predict which faculty member is most likely to have expertise in the areas covered by their internship.

Changing Faculty Supervisors After Internship is Assigned

If you secure a faculty supervisor who turns out to be inappropriate for the final internship assignment, you may change supervisors with the approval of the faculty members involved and the program director. Ideally, this should be done before you begin the internship.

Changing Faculty Supervisors After Internship is Underway

It is sometimes the case, however, that the intern does not know the focus of the work he/she will be doing until the internship is actually underway. If you find, after beginning your internship, that your faculty supervisor lacks the appropriate expertise to oversee your work, then ask him/her, or the program director, to suggest someone else you might approach if you do not have an alternative supervisor in mind. Certainly by the time you have to file your 

, (no later than the fourth week of your internship assignment), all of the details should be worked out and an appropriate faculty supervisor should be in place.