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EXPLORE ILR Careers offers terrific opportunities for employers to support ILR students' career interests while increasing their brand presence on campus. Through these programs ILR students can expect to:

  • Engage with alumni or organizations invested in ILRies   
  • eXamine potential career paths  
  • Participate in the workplace up close and personal  
  • Learn to apply their academic courses in practical work settings 
  • Observe the day-to-day activities of sponsors and organizations 
  • Reflect on their experiences and how they relate to career interests  
  • Enhance their understanding of particular organizations or career fields

The Field Shadowing Program is designed primarily for first-year undergraduate ILR students (freshmen and transfer students). It is a one-day shadowing program that provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to explore diverse ILR-related career fields, gain firsthand work exposure, and network with alumni/sponsors.

Career Exploration Project is designed specifically for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and first-year MILRs. Opportunities typically last two to three weeks and are intended for participants to explore a particular industry to develop on-the-job experience through a short-term assignment with a project sponsor.

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