Visiting Fellows

Regina Lenz

Regina Lenz

Country of origin: Germany Visiting period: July-September 2019 Faculty sponsor: Pamela Tolbert, Ph.D. Email:

Background and Previous Experience

Regina Lenz is a research associate at the Chair of Economic and Social Geography at Heidelberg University. She studied geography, history, economics, as well as English literature and philology at Heidelberg University and wrote her diploma thesis on the effectiveness of a development approach in Bangladesh’s tannery sector. Furthermore, she has worked for a local business development agency and has done internships in development cooperation and international site selection.

Regina’s research focuses on social institutions and the way they influence human interaction, regional development and the effectiveness of public policies. Her current project is concerned with the processes of institutional change and with the regional specificity of institutions in the context of family firm successions in Baden-Württemberg and the Spanish Basque Country.

Current Research at ILR School

During her stay at the ILR School, Regina is looking at the relationship between entrepreneurship and institutions in a broader way by analyzing patterns of entrepreneurial activity in the U.S. and Germany, as well as their institutional conditions.

Regina Lenz