Visiting Fellows

Josefine Koebe

Josefine Koebe

Country of origin: Germany Visiting period:

March-April 2019


Background and Previous Experience

Josefine Koebe is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate School at the University of Hamburg (UHH) and is a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Foundation (Germany) scholarship recipient.  She holds a master’s degree in Economics from Berlin Humboldt University, a Bachelor of Science degree in International Economics from the University of Tübingen, and a Certificat d’échange from Sciences Po Paris. After completing her master’s degree, she gained professional experience as deputy in charge of the office of a Member of Parliament (German Bundestag) for two years.  Currently, she is a research assistant in the Department of Education and Family, where she is affiliated with the German Institute of Economic Research in Berlin (DIW Berlin).  Her current research interests are in applied microeconomics and econometrics, in particular, in the field of early childhood education and family economics, and her dissertation supervisors are Prof. Dr. Jan Marcus (UHH / DIW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. C. Katharina Spieß (Freie Universität Berlin / DIW Berlin). While her initial research studies the causal long-run impact of an earlier start in childcare on non-cognitive skills in adolescence, she is currently working on a project that analyzes the effects of childcare fee reforms in Germany on women and the labor market.

Current Research at ILR School

During her time at ILR, Josefine Koebe will continue to work on her project on the relationship between childcare fees and female labor participation and will compare the institutional settings in Germany to the U.S. by taking advantage of the high level of expertise in this area of research at ILR.

Josefine Koebe