About UCD

Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin

University College Dublin is one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Europe. Founded in the mid-19th century and the alma mater of many of Ireland’s most important literary, cultural, commercial and political figures, UCD is now the country’s largest and most comprehensive university, annually enrolling more than 20,000 students in an impressive array of degree programs spanning several colleges.

The internationally accredited Quinn School of Business is the largest in Ireland and widely acclaimed both for the quality of its academic programs and the vitality of its campus life. Students enrolled in the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program not only enhance their understanding of the global field of industrial and labor relations, but are further enriched through their participation in a variety of engaging social and cultural activities designed by UCD staff to insure a study abroad experience that is personally, as well as academically, rewarding.

Please visit their website for more information on the Quinn School of Business & University College Dublin.

UCD Contacts

Your main contacts at UCD will be Ms. Madeline Molyneaux & Dr. Roland Erne.

Madeline Molyneaux is the Manager of the Study Abroad Programme at the Quinn School. Ms. Molyneaux will coordinate many of the programmatic details of your semester at UCD. You should not hesitate to contact her should you have any questions. She can be reached by e-mail at madeline.molyneaux@ucd.ie or by phone at 353-1-716-4710.

Dr. Roland Erne is the Dublin based Director of the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program and a professor in the IR/HR Group at the Quinn School of Business. Dr. Erne will be your main point of contact for any academic questions or concerns that may arise during your semester at UCD. Dr. Erne can be reached by e-mail atroland.erne@ucd.ie or by phone at 353-1-716-4746.

Registration at UCD

UCD has a two step process to formally register as a student at UCD.

  1. At your mandatory orientation, UCD will provide you with detailed instructions on completing the on-line registration. This on-line registration is required just to validate your status as a student at UCD. You will be registered for courses automatically by the Quinn School. You must complete this on-line registration as soon as possible. You must have your student number and date of birth to register.
  2. The second step will be to collect your student ID card at the Student Centre, Astra Hall. This card will be available only after you have completed the on-line registration.

You will not be permitted to register with the Irish Immigration Authorities until you have received your UCD student ID card.

Registering for Classes

Since the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program requires three of the four classes you will take during your semester, you will be pre-registered for these classes prior to your arrival at the Quinn School. Students are very likely to receive their first elective course selection as long as there are no scheduling conflicts. You will not be allowed to change elective classes once your selection has been submitted to UCD. Students will receive their actual course schedules during orientation at UCD. All course registration will be done automatically by the Quinn School.