Writers Guild of America, west

Research Department 
Los Angeles, CA

The Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw) is a labor union that represents almost 8,000 writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries in both entertainment and news. The WGAW is responsible for organizing writers and enforcing its labor agreements.  The Research Department is responsible for tracking and understanding the direction of the industry, its major players and emerging trends like new media.  We also provide research and strategic planning for organizing and contract campaigns. 

The internship would be within the Research Department of the WGAW.  Internship assignments would include corporate research on production companies operating within the entertainment industry as well as research into key individuals.  A research intern would be responsible for tracking and updating information on production of non-union television projects to contribute to a study of union density.  Other projects may include research into business plans, programming strategies and developments of cable channels.  The inter would participate in weekly organizing/research meeting where they would have the opportunity to learn about the major projects the departments are working on.  The intern would also attend meetings with workers who are currently organizing with the Guild, providing them with an opportunity to learn first hand about television production.  


A strong commitment to social justice and an interest in working for a union are necessary.  It would be advantageous for applicants to be familiar with Lexis Nexis and other research databases.  Experience with Excel or Access is also desirable. Any corporate research experience or familiarity with financial concepts and analysis is also a plus.  Interns are not expected to have experience with the entertainment industry.