How to Register

How to Register

To participate in the Field Shadowing Program or Career Exploration Project, you must complete two steps:

  1. Attend the required info session on September 24th
  2. Register for the programs by October 9th and submit your résumé through the online application
    Field Shadowing Program Student Application
    Career Exploration Project Student Application

*Important deadlines will be covered at the required info session. Failure to comply with these deadlines may compromise your eligibility to participate in the program.

Selection Process
The Field Shadowing Program and Unpaid Career Exploration Projects use a lottery process for participants to select their opportunity. More details and information are shared after a student completes the registration process. Sponsors who offer Unpaid Career Exploration Projects must ensure they meet the six federal guidelines set by the FLSA. Once you select a Field Shadowing Program or Unpaid Career Exploration Project in the lottery, you are expected to complete that opportunity. 

Paid Micro-Internships
There are a limited number of Paid micro-internships available each year. For these opportunities, the employers have the option to select a particular participant to fill the position through a résumé collection and an interview. All paid opportunities are posted in Handshake . 

Independent Opportunities
Although OCS has attempted to expand our geographic base for available career exploration opportunities, we are not able to guarantee that we will have an existing opportunity in everyone’s preferred location. In these cases, it is possible to work with a career advisor in OCS to conduct an independent search. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors through Chatter. 

What if my plans change?
Students are expected to honor their Field Shadowing Program or Career Exploration Project commitments. Please determine your availability prior to selecting an opportunity on the lottery day. It would be valuable to speak with your family about the program prior to selecting an opportunity to verify plans for the dates allotted and if you will have access to transportation. 

If you are participating in Greek Life recruitment, please verify those dates and select opportunities that fit with your availability. If an unforeseeable circumstance impacts your participation, please notify your sponsor and our office immediately at  .