EXPLORE ILR Careers are opportunities similar to internships focused on career exploration. These experiences allow students to explore a career field of interest and determine if they would want to pursue a similar career path in the future. 

  • Engage with alumni or an organization invested in ILRies  
  • eXamine a potential career path  
  • Participate in the workplace up close and personal 
  • Learn to apply your academic courses in a practical work setting 
  • Observe the day-to-day activities of a sponsor and organization 
  • Reflect on the experience and how it relates to your career interests 
  • Enhance your understanding of a particular organization or career field

Field Shadowing Program 

The Field Shadowing Program is designed primarily for first-year ILR students (freshmen and transfer students). It is a one-day shadowing program that provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to explore diverse ILR-related career fields, gain firsthand work exposure, and network with alumni/sponsors.

Career Exploration Project 

Career Exploration Project is designed specifically for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and early-career MILRs. Opportunities typically last two to three weeks and are intended for participants to explore a particular industry to develop on-the-job experience through a short-term assignment with a project sponsor. 


If you are a potential sponsor, please go here to find more information.