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Martin F. Scheinman

Martin Scheinman ILR ’75, MS ’76
Arbitrator and Mediator

Martin F. Scheinman, Esq. is the founder of Scheinman Arbitration and Mediation Services. Since 1979, as a full-time neutral, he has decided or helped resolve over 20,000 labor/management employment business and consumer disputes. Scheinman serves as the industry arbitrator with unions and management associates covering over 50,000 employees and is the permanent arbitrator in over 400 contracts including most of healthcare in New York, Major League Baseball and its Players’ Association and the National Hockey League and the Players’ Association. Scheinman has mediated over 1,000 business and employment disputes involving cumulatively over $10 billion dollars and has resolved many of the most highly publicized cases regarding discrimination claims, the break-up of businesses and collective bargaining disputes impacting hundreds of thousands of workers.

A graduate of Cornell University (B.S., M.S.) and New York University School of Law (J.D.), Scheinman sits on the Cornell University Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors of the American Arbitration and other boards.

With his wife, Laurie, they are the benefactors of the Martin and Laurie Scheinman Institute on Conflict and Resolution and the Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution (held by ILR Dean Alexander Colvin at Cornell ILR).