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The EMHRM team is happy to answer any additional questions or provide clarification.

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Is this program open to international students?

Admission is open only to US citizens, permanent residents, and individuals with current valid US immigration status. Individuals who would require immigration status and sponsorship to enter the US are not eligible for this hybrid degree. Please note that no Student Status Visa(s) or student immigration documentation can be issued at this time.

How much work experience should I have?

The EMHRM program is designed for HR professionals with eight or more years of work experience. Candidates with somewhat less direct HR experience, but other related leadership experience and a demonstrated interest in HR leadership may be considered. 

When are the three on-campus sessions?

The residential sessions take place in Summer 1 (July), Spring (March), and Summer 2 (July) each year.

Where should I stay during my on-campus sessions?

Accommodations for your three on-campus sessions are at your expense; you can make arrangements at any of several local hotels, inns, or bed and breakfasts. We offer recommendations regarding lodging, transportation, travel agencies and more to help you facilitate your travel to Ithaca.