The role of French unions in the civic integration of immigrant workers

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May 01, 2014
Laetitia Dechaufour

Social and Economic Sciences teacher
Lycée Hector Berlioz, 8 avenue Antoine Quinson, 94300 Vincennes, France

Written in September 2009 as a research contribution for the book Mobilizing against Inequality: Unions, Immigrant Workers, and the Crisis of Capitalism, Lee Adler, Maite Tapia and Lowell Turner (eds.), Ithaca: ILR Press, 2014

The aim of this review is to summarize the main currents of research and analysis in the French literature on unions and immigrant workers. In order to do so, the paper will start with a brief history of immigration in France, followed by a historical perspective on the issue of trade unions and their role in integrating immigrant workers throughout the second part of the XXth century. Then, more recent works will be reviewed in order to emphasize the current issues for consideration.