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Júlia García Güell

Director, Spanish Worlds Debate

Júlia has been involved in competitive university debating since 2018, when she started her trajectory with the Cornell Speech & Debate Society (Spanish division) as an exchange student at ILR School from Spain. Later on, she joined the Debate and Argumentation Group from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). As a college debater, she has competed in the Latin American and Spanish circuits (both in-person and online) for the last 4 years. In 2019, she won the Women’s Debate Open in Mexico and in 2022 she won the North America Women and Gender Minorities Tournament. Moreover, she has classified in over 20 national and international tournaments both as a debater and a judge. She has also adjudicated tournaments in Mexico, Ecuador and Spain. Júlia holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from University Rovira i Virgili, a Master’s Degree in Human Rights from University College London and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at ILR School, Cornell University.