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Brian Dunn

Director of Professional Programs

Brian Dunn is the Institute for Compensation Studies’ Director of Professional Programs and a lecturer in the ILR School. At ICS, Brian develops external relationships and conceptualizes programming connecting ICS to compensation practitioners. He teaches courses on executive compensation to undergraduate and graduate students. Brian’s expertise is in assessing and designing competitive total compensation plans to ensure that plans are reasonable, drive the appropriate behavior, and are in compliance with appropriate regulatory requirements. He retired as the Chairman of McLagan and the CEO of Performance, Reward & Talent for Aon Hewitt Consulting Worldwide in 2015. He has advised hundreds of public and private firms in the design of effective incentive plans that maintain reasonableness in total compensation levels. He has a consulting practice, works as an expert witness on compensation matters, and serves on several corporate and foundation boards. Brian received his B.S. at ILR and an M.B.A. from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.