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Anne Marie Brady

Director of Research for Worker Rights and Equity, ILR Worker Institute

Anne Marie Brady is the Senior Extension Associate – Research Director, Worker Rights and Equity. Anne Marie holds a Ph.D. in Social Policy Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her dissertation work explored the role of active labor market policies in assisting the long-term unemployed integrate into the regular labor market under Germany’s Hartz IV welfare and labor market reforms. She is trained in both quantitative and qualitative methods of social and labor market policy research and has a 10 -year record of designing research projects with a variety of stakeholders in the policy-making process. With a commitment to inclusion and diversity across different dimensions of race and gender, she has written and conducted research that pursues inquiry across a range of issues from research into low-wage and precarious work, income maintenance and poverty reduction, unemployment support and training, education, and housing.