Julia Burgdorf

photo: julia burgdorf

Julia Burgdorf


Clean Air Coalition

Buffalo, NY

Work Highlights

The final product of the student’s work will be a list and description of the top 5 environmental health hot spots in Western New York.  The report will include pictures, expert and community testimonials and technical information about each of the hot spots.  The student’s work will be used to inform the Coalition’s future campaigns.  At the commencement of the project the student will be given a list of neighborhoods to investigate and an introductory session on how to identify the information to be included in the final report. 

The Organization

The Clean Air Coalition of Western New York is a community-based organization that informs and organizes residents to prevent and reduce pollution.  They envision a WNY where residents have the information, skills and desire to make their communities healthy, sustainable and green.  CAC is creating a constituency of citizens who hold leaders accountable for the community’s health.