Vanessa Roga

Vanessa Roga

Vanessa Roga


WNY Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO

Belmore, NY

Work Highlights
  • Conducted an original survey of the labor federation’s 138 affiliated unions to compile a demographic profile of union members in WNY, including age and racial and gender make-up
  • Created and distributed survey tool to capture demographic data of affiliates
  • Produced a written report analyzing the survey results to all them to accessible to the union movement and to the general public
  • Helped plan and execute the annual “Interview Day” where local candidates for elected office meet with labor representatives and pitch their platforms for potential endorsement
  • Participated in the regular field work of the ALF attending a number of labor meetings and other coalitions
In their words

"This summer has been instrumental in learning about my interests and how I can turn them into a career. I learned how interested I am in a socially-minded career, working for the greater good. I also learned about the importance of engaging with the community around development issues so that its progress doesn’t leave some people behind."


"Vanessa was a great fellow for us.  She fit right into our work and as part of our team.  Vanessa’s work will help us better understand our members and influence our advocacy priorities."

Richard Lipsitz, President,

Western New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO