Kaya Coleman

Kaya Coleman

Kaya Coleman

Arts & Sciences '20

Learning Disabilities Association

Perland, TX

Work Highlights
  • Served as a member of the Educational Advocacy Department, assisting parents and families in the urban school district with issues related to special education rights and responsibilities.
  • Developed materials for transition aged (14-21 years old) students focusing on student involvement and self-advocacy in creating Individualized Education Plans and meeting with case managers
  • Evaluated effectiveness of materials by engaging students and gaining their input about what should be altered for greater effectiveness in the future
  • Created outreach strategies to canvass neighborhoods in order to reach families in need of services
  • Hosted trainings and other events for families about self-advocacy strategies and LDA services
  • Expanded LDA’s social media platform to increase access and provide multiple entry points to programming
In their words

"I have become stronger, more courageous, and more open-minded on the High Road, and I know that these skills will be useful not only in my future internships but for the rest of my life. It is so important to check and understand our own privilege while also using our positions in life to help bring those around us up. Being in Buffalo, and being able to see the needs and issues of African-Americans and other minorities in the community, has opened my eyes even further. Equity is a goal that everyone should be working towards, and I have gotten the opportunity to do so in the time that I have been here."


"Kaya exceeded our expectations. The work we did together was exactly what we planned to do and more. She is incredibly hard-working, courageous, curious and very ambitious. Her work is awesome and very much needed. I will be sharing photos and updates with her as to how her work has been used over time and how it has improved the quality of life for our students."

Phylicia Brown,

Learning Disabilities Association of WNY