Worker Institute Research Attracts 35 Students

Latino immigrant rights, wearable technologies in the workplace and the living wage are among the areas being studied by research fellows.
2019 Workers Institute Student Research Fellows
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Thirty-five students will work with ILR faculty on 14 Worker Institute research projects this year. The projects, students and advisers are: 

The Politics of Outsourcing IT work in the US, Germany, and Norway
Laura Barrera ’20, Umit Naz Deryaoglu ’20, Katrina Ferreira ’20, David Leynov ’21; Ginny Doellgast

Impacts of the Gig Economy and New Technologies on Workers and Communities
Raphael Gendler ’21, Stella Linardi ’22, Samantha Lustig ’21, Parsa Salsali ’22; Maria Figueroa

Labor Leading on Climate: Climate Jobs Program for New York State
Stacey Blansky ’20, Gabriela Burgos ’22, Ashni Verma ’21; Lara Skinner 

Hiring Platforms and Wearable Technologies in the Workplace
Angela He ’21, Juliette Raymond ’21; Ifeoma Ajunwa 

Immigration Status and the Nature of Work
Dolores Eslava ’21, Valerie Parra ’20; Shannon Gleeson, Kate Griffith 

Transnational Labor Advocacy & Latino Immigrant Rights
Tyler Rodriguez ’21, Kataryna Restrepo ’21; Shannon Gleeson

Research to Support the Tompkins County Living Wage
Hayli Bazan ’20, Andrew Kohler ’20, Ian Lam ’20; Ian Greer

“Men at Work (and Family): Caregiving Responsibilities Among the Working Class
 Nidhi Dontula ’20, Angela Uribe ’20; Ileen DeVault, KC Wagner

Raising the Profile of Workers’ Rights
Delaney Ho ’21; Stephanie Olszewski  

Who Controls Working Conditions in Fast Food Franchising? 
Aida Shipley ’20; Kate Griffith

Immigrant Labor Under Trump
Michael Snyder ’20; Shannon Gleeson

Alt Labor as a Catalyst for Doctrinal Innovation
Michelle Goldberg ’21, Emma LoMastro ’20; Kate Griffith

Employment and a Cornell Anchor Mission
Gena Koyn ’21, Eric Lewis ’21; Ian Greer

The Right to Work in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Colin Benedict ’21, Alexandra Bixler ’21, Teresa Oh ’20, Rita Osmani ’20, Sarah Rim ’21, Niamh Short ’21; Jim Gross