Studying in France

Transfer student wins study abroad award
Monday, December 7, 2015

Anna Wang ’17 has been awarded a Presidential Scholarship to attend IAU College in Aix-en-Provence, France.

The scholarship, given by IAU, was awarded to four applicants worldwide and will provide $1,000 to each recipient for the spring 2016 term.

Wang said she plans to study art and international communication, and be reflective during her time abroad.

“I wrote about how as a transfer student, I felt myself rushing to not only get settled, but to catch up with courses and requirements,” Wang said.

“I hope that studying abroad would afford me the opportunity for self-reflection and exploration of interests that relate to my career ambitions.”

Wang said she applied to the French program to learn more about French language and culture.

“The recent tensions in Paris have brought France and its social and political climate to the forefront of international attention,” Wang said.

“While I definitely hope to remain safe in France, I am very interested in the intricacies of French communication and social relations as an international extension to my studies here.”

She hopes to supplement her ILR coursework with the opportunity to prepare her for a career in television or film.

“Studying art and international communication will help give me perspective and hopefully train me in visual expression.”