Student Excellence

Abada '14 and Noel '14 selected for state Chancellor’s Award
Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two ILR School seniors are being honored this spring with the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.

Danielle Abada ’14 and Sheretta Noel ’14 will formally receive the award April 2, along with seven fellow Cornell students and students from across the state.

According to the SUNY website, the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence honors students who are well-rounded and have best demonstrated the ability to integrate "academic excellence with other aspects of their lives, which may include leadership, campus involvement, athletics, career achievement, community service or creative and performing arts."

When asked about her nomination for the state education chancellor’s award, Abada said, "I have really tried to make the most of my time here both in the classroom and outside of it, and it is really special and exciting to be recognized for my efforts."

Noel said, "It signifies that all of my hard work and dedication to what I'm passionate about is inspirational to someone else."

Although neither Abada nor Noel will be able to attend the awards ceremony in Albany, they will receive a letter, certificate and a medallion to commemorate their selection.