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Debate on Apparel Industry Future Set for Oct. 12

Map of apparel industries in Asia

The ILR School’s New Conversation Project will hold a live debate from 10 to 11:30 a.m., on Tuesday, Oct. 12. The topic, “Repeat, Regain or Re-negotiate? The post-COVID future of global apparel,” will center on the project’s latest paper on the future of the apparel industry.

New Conversations Executive Director Jason Judd and J. Lowell Jackson ’17 developed the paper with the International Labour Organization to track apparel industry concentration, climate crisis impacts, automation, shifting sourcing patterns and public versus private regulation for three post-pandemic scenarios.

The panel will feature Annanya Bhattacharjee, Cara Chacon, Naureen Chowdhury and Arianna Rossi.

"The live session is our chance to debate the findings in the paper with an expert and diverse group of women who know the global apparel industry very well,” Judd said.

“Annanya Bhattacharjee is the international coordinator of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance and an apparel union leader in India. Cara Chacon is the former vice president for sustainability at Patagonia. Naureen Chowdhury is a program lead at the Laudes Foundation. And Arianna Rossi heads the research team at the ILO's Better Work program which focuses on working conditions in apparel production. That's a great line-up we think and there's lots to talk about."

To learn more, or to register for the online event, click here.

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