McPherson Honors & Awards

Students and faculty members recognized for achievement
Thursday, April 30, 2015

Associate Professor Kate Griffith won the MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching and Senior Extension Associate Lee Adler won the Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring at Tuesday’s McPherson Honors & Awards Dinner.

Awards and seniors who received them include:

Rhodes Scholarship: Rachel Harmon

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Atticus DeProspo and Rachel Harmon 

Merrill Presidential Scholars: Rachel Harmon, Andrew Stawasz and Jessica Stewart

ILR Global Scholars: Anthonia Remi Balogun, Garen Bostanian, Brennan Cumming, Danny Qiao, Luise Yang

Eric Lawrence Ehrenberg Memorial Prize: Atticus DeProspo

Virginia Freeman Memorial Prize: Nomathade C. Jenkins Jr.

Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize: Madeline Campbell, Adam Kirsch

Daniel Alpern Award: Amy Frieder, Ross Gitlin  

James Campbell Award: Laura Bakst

Irving M. Ives Senior Award: Thaddeus Talbot

John O’Donnell Prize in Labor Law: Esther Jiang

Salvatore Family Prize in American History: Stephanie Chow

Seidman Prize: Jessica Stewart

Candidates for graduation with honors and their thesis titles include:

Subin Chung

“Virginia Woolf and the Women of Post-World War I England: At the Intersection of Consumption, Work and Homosexuality”

Atticus DeProspo

“Paving a Way for LGBTQ Inclusivity: Using Human Resource Analytics in Cornell Athletics”

Erica Freeman

“Disability, Gender and Caste as Barriers to Employment in Rural India”

Amy Frieder
“Paving the Way for Political Uprising: The Role of Labor and Economic Issues in the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions”

Ross Gitlin
“A Nationwide Survey of Student Members on Boards of Trustees”

Rachel Harmon
“All the freedom we was going to git: Organizing for Economic Justice in Post-Civil Rights Mississippi”

Melissa Kelly
“A Statistical Study of the Factors Affecting the Need for a Pitcher to Have Tommy John Surgery”

Catherine Klapheke
“Requiem of the American Symphony: How Current Labor Relations Practices are Leading to the Decline in Classical Orchestras”

Carolyn Krupski
“The State of Arts in New York State: An analysis in creativity”

Alizah Lalani
“The Effects of Physical Space on the Worker”

Amanda Maya
“Rethinking Social Skill Training Programs: An Analysis on Ways to Improve Social Skill Training Programs to Increase the Social Competence of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders”

Kevin Mollica
“Organizing fast-food: Social movement unionism in recent living wage campaigns”

Seth Peyla
“Occupy Ivy League?: The Social Perks and Perils of Wall Street’s Strongest Pipeline”

Jinah Rhee
“Analyzing the Fair Trade Movement as Mechanism for Labor Rights Advocacy in Industrial and Labor Relations”

Michael Rosenblum
“Whistle While You Work: The Effect of Music Pace on Creative Idea Generation”

Matthew Sarraf
“Modern Work: Personal and Social Harms”

Jessica So
“Regional Growth Patterns in China: Assessing Policy Frameworks, Finance, Infrastructure and Labor Supply”

Andrew Stawasz
“A Self-Fulfilling Fatalism: Examining Public Sector Union Endorsements during New York’s 2014 Gubernatorial Elections”

Jessica Stewart
“Hating Wal-Mart, Loving Target, and the Contradictions of Supply Chain Capitalism”

Gavin Zhang
“Tragedy in Bangladesh and the Road to Reform: A Case Study.”