ILR in the News

ILR School faculty and alumni frequently serve as sources for the news media. Below are some of the stories for which they provided insight and expertise.

July 2018, July 31, 2018, Tuesday - Ifeoma Anjunwa
"Walmart Files Patent for Eavesdropping Tech", July 30, 2018, Monday - Ken Kahn '69
"Walmart Files Patent for Eavesdropping Tech"

Cornell Sun, July 30, 2018, Monday - Esta Bigler
"ILR Course Educates Incarcerated Individuals On Employment Rights at NYC Correctional Facility", July 29, 2018, Sunday - John Abowd
"Two Industry Leaders Unite to Produce New Mega-Platform Event for HR Technology: HR Festival Asia"

Los Angeles Times, July 29, 2018, Sunday - Louis Hyman
"Gig economy workers aren't getting counted", July 27, 2018, Friday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Viewpoint: Any Janus Solution That Ignores Free Riders Is Star-Crossed and Unfair", July 26, 2018, Thursday - Erica Groshen
"What GDP tells us about the economy"

WHCU Radio, July 17, 2018, Tuesday - Susanne Bruyere
"All Things Equal", July 13, 2018, Friday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"In wake of #MeToo, Feminist Apparel workers fired after speaking out against sexual harassment"

Viralmount, July 13, 2018, Friday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Walmart Patents New Surveillance Technological innovation to Eavesdrop on Staff", July 13, 2018, Friday - Ifeoma Anjunwa
"Walmart Hopes to Track Employees' Every Move with New Checkstand Surveillance Tech", July 12, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Big Brother-Style" Surveillance Technology to Eavesdrop on Workers' Conversations", July 12, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"The Digest: Walmart Patent Tech for Eavesdropping on Workers", July 12, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Walmart patents surveillance tool that can eavesdrop on workers", July 12, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Walmart Patents Audio Surveillance Tool to Monitor Employee Conversations"

The Indian Express, July 12, 2018, Thursday - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"Maternity benefits or jobs", July 11, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Walmart's Newly Patented Technology For Eavesdropping On Workers Presents Privacy Concerns"

C-SPAN, July 10, 2018, Tuesday - Randi Weingarten
"Dark Money Campaigns" radio show, July 6, 2018, Friday - Gene Carroll
"How union power has been dismantled and what it means for workers"

The Chief, July 6, 2018, Friday - Randi Weingarten
"Teacher Unions Already Feel Post-Janus Pinch"

New Jersey Globe, July 3, 2018, Tuesday - Patricia Campos-Medina
"Latina group slams Hugin on diversity, suggests he's just like Trump - New Jersey Globe"

Truth Out, July 3, 2018, Tuesday - Rosemary Batt
"Goodbye Regulations, Hello Impending Global Financial Crisis "

Blue Virginia, July 2, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"Far-Right Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase: “The ERA Amendment is nothing more than a ploy by the left to eliminate gender altogether."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 2, 2018, Monday - Lance Compa
"Poultry processing workers still face high number of injuries"

The American Prospect, July 2, 2018, Monday - Rosemary Batt
"Will the Tax Act Set Back Private Equity?"

June 2018

Wealth365, June 29, 2018, Friday - Ileen DeVault
"Court's ruling hits teachers unions, but how hard is unclear"

NYC CCL News, June 29, 2018, Friday - Cornell Worker Institute

Buffalo Rising, June 29, 2018, Friday - High Road Civic Careers
"Cornell High Road Fellowships Ignite Civic Careers in Buffalo"

The Vindicator, June 29, 2018, Friday - Ileen DeVault
"Ruling hits teachers unions"

Star Tribune, June 28, 2018, Thursday - Ileen DeVault
"Court's ruling hits teachers unions, but how hard is unclear"

U.S. News & World Report, June 28, 2018, Thursday - Ileen DeVault
"Court's ruling hits teachers unions, but how hard is unclear"

WDVM-TV Local News, June 28, 2018, Thursday - Ileen DeVault
"Court's ruling hits teachers unions, but how hard is unclear"

Ithaca Voice, June 28, 2018, Thursday - Sally Klingel and Ian Greer
"Should Tompkins make a living wage standard? Local group to study possible impacts", June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Gene Carroll
"Supreme Court blow to mandatory union dues likely to have big impact in New York"

Newsday, June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Kim Cook
"Supreme Court's union ruling no surprise to Long Island labor leaders"

Government Technology, June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Erica Groshen
"Autonomous Vehicles to Have Huge Impact on Economy, Tech Sector"

USA Breaking News, June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Ileen DeVault
"Supreme Court ruling hits teachers unions, but how hard unclear"

The Hill, June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Lara Skinner
"An attack on public sector unions is an attack on democracy"

Mother Jones, June 27, 2018, Wednesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Supreme Court Strikes a Big Blow at Public Sector Unions"

NBC News, June 26, 2018, Tuesday - Louis Hyman
"What did corporate America do with that tax break? Buy record amounts of its own stock"

Equal Times, June 26, 2018, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"If you don’t take them on globally, you won’t win” – how Fight for $15 in the US inspired the UK’s McStrikes"

Robin Hood Radio On Demand, June 25, 2018, Monday - Louis Hyman
"Leonard Lopate at Large - June 30 - Louis Hyman, Historian of Work and Business, on Economics"

WBFO88.7, June 25, 2018, Monday - Lou Jean Fleron
"Local program looks to strengthen Buffalo-Cornell University ties"

Financial Advisor, June 25, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"America's Working Women Need Help"

BuzzFeed News, June 21, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Here's How that Tablet On The Table At Your Favorite Restaurant Is Hurting Your Waiter"

NPR, June 21, 2018, Thursday - John Abowd
"Census Overseers Seeded DOJ's Request To Add Citizenship Question, Memo Shows"

Quartz, June 21, 2018, Thursday - Art Wheaton
"Watch Tesla build a giant tent for its new Model 3 assembly line in three weeks"

Legal Reader, June 20, 2018, Wednesday - Alex Colvin
"CNN: Law Students Won’t Accept Mandatory Arbitration Clauses"

Forbes, June 20, 2018, Wednesday - Sam Bacharach
"Building Support For Your Good Idea"

Inc., June 20, 2018, Wednesday - Sam Bacharach
"Is Amazon Becoming Clunky?"

Yahoo! FINANCE, June 20, 2018, Wednesday - Louis Hyman
"It’s time to get ready for the next recession"

The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 18, 2018, Monday - Ron Ehrenberg
"Want to Kill Tenure? Be Careful What You Wish For"

Hartford Business, June 18, 2018, Monday - Alex Colvin
"Supreme Court ruling helps silence worker lawsuits. But these law students are fighting back", June 16, 2018, Saturday - Samuel Bacharach
"When People Take Pot Shots At Your Good Idea"

Pacific Standard, June 15, 2018, Friday - Vanessa Bohns
"Workplace Suitors' Unwanted Advances Can Have Harmful Consequences"

FleetOwner, June 15, 2018, Friday - Erica Groshen
"Full automation: What is means for the American trucker"

Finanz und Wirtschaft, June 15, 2018, Friday - Louis Hyman
"Das sind Amerikas Top-Verdiener" - "These are America's Top Earners"

Huffington Post, June 14, 2018, Thursday - Louis Hyman
"New Study Finds Ride-Hailing Drivers Are Eager To Organize, Despite Challenges"

AV WORKFORCE LTD, June 13, 2018, Wednesday - Erica Groshen
"We must be diligent in funding research and responses to the impacts of automation on the workforce."

Wired, June 13, 2018, Wednesday - Erica Groshen
"Self-Driving Cars Likely Won’t Steal Your Job (Until 2040)"

Forbes, June 12, 2018, Tuesday - Samuel Bacharach
"Are You An Agenda Mover?"

Huffington Post, June 11, 2018, Monday - John Abowd
"Top Census Official Warned Of Danger Of Adding A Citizenship Question To 2020 Census"

Mother Jones, June 11, 2018, Monday - John Abowd
"We Now Know Why Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach Lobbied for a Citizenship Question on the Census"

CBS News, June 11, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Nationwide strike would deliver the pain to UPS"

The Hill, June 10, 2018, Sunday - John Abowd
"Census Bureau’s chief scientist warned secretary in memo against adding citizenship question"

Iowa Public Radio, June 7, 2018, Thursday - Louis Hyman
"1 In 10 Workers Is An Independent Contractor, Labor Department Says"

San Francisco Chronicle, June 9, 2018, Saturday - Seth Harris, Sara Horowitz, Alan Krueger
"Update labor laws to meet needs of ‘gig’ economy"

CNN, June 9, 2018, Saturday - John Abowd
"Census memo warns citizenship question will hurt 'quality' of 2020 count"

Bloomberg BNA, June 7, 2018, Thursday - Sarah von Schrader
"Contractors: Keep Disability Status and Gig Economy Workers on Compliance Radar"

Scholarly Commons: Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, June 7, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Combating Discrimination Against The Formerly Incarcerated In The Labor Market "

The Brookings Institution, June 7, 2018, Thursday - Seth Harris, Alan Krueger
"Independent workers and the modern labor market"

Washington Center for Equitable Growth, June 7, 2018, Thursday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Directory listing",

Law360, June 6, 2018, Wednesday - Esta Bigler
"New NLRB Chair Plans To Restore 'Balance' To Board"

The Week, June 6, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwas
"The high-tech office of the future will spy on you"

Justice Center, June 4, 2018, Monday - Esta Bigler
"For the Record: Candid Conversations about Criminal Record Clearance—Episode 2, Esta Bigler"

Kellogg Insight, June 4, 2018, Monday - Brian Lucas
"How Much Empathy Do You Feel When Powerful People Suffer?"

ROI-NJ, June 4, 2018, Monday - Patricia Campos-Medina
"Leading at work … and at home: Female execs explain how they (try to) manage both"

May 2018

The National Memo, May 31, 2018, Thursday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Facebook Helps Employers Exclude Older Employees", May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Union widens suit on Facebook job-search ads"

Retail Dive, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Alexander Colvin
"Lowe's reportedly compels managers to sign arbitration agreements"

Boston Herald, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Boston Teamsters boss to take on James P. Hoffa"

ProPublica, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Union widens suit on Facebook job-search ads"

Truthout, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"After Janus, Should Unions Abandon Exclusive Representation?"

WorldNetDaily, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Lawsuit: Facebook Aided Age Discrimination"

ProPublica, May 30, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"New Allegations Added to Lawsuit on How Facebook’s Targeting Tools Helped Advertisers Exclude Older Workers"

Nonprofit Quarterly, May 29, 2018, Tuesday - Louis Hyman
"This Is What Plutocracy Looks Like: Late Implementation of Pay-Ratio Disclosure Highlights Corporate Greed and Power"

Bloomberg, May 29, 2018, Tuesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Facebook Tools Are Used to Screen Out Older Job Seekers, Lawsuit Claims"

WRAL-TV, May 26, 2018, Saturday - Louis Hyman
"CEO pay: Millions at the top, a pittance below"

Vanity Fair, May 25, 2018, Friday - Louis Hyman
"Mick Mulvaney Won't Rest Until He's Exorcised Elizabeth Warren From The C.F.P.B."

In These Times, May 25, 2018, Friday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"After Janus, Should Unions Abandon Exclusive Representation?"

The NY Times, May 25, 2018, Friday - Louis Hyman
"Want to Make Money Like a C.E.O.? Work for 275 Years", May 24, 2018, Thursday - Alexander Colvin
"Will Law Firms Bow to Pressure to End Mandatory Arbitration?"

Futurity, May 24, 2018, Thursday - Vanessa Bohns
"What office ‘suitors’ don’t get about their unwanted advances"

WSKG-FM, May 23, 2018, Wednesday - Art Wheaton
"Supreme Court Decision Just A First Blow To Organized Labor This Spring?"

The Buffalo News, May 22, 2018, Tuesday - Art Wheaton
"David Robinson: For GM Tonawanda, a new engine and a whole lot more"

WBFO Radio, May 21, 2018, Monday - Art Wheaton
"Is Monday's Supreme Court decision just a first blow to organized labor this spring?"

Mother Jones, May 21, 2018, Monday - Seth Harris and Alan Krueger
"The Gig Economy Is Really Tiny"

Politifact, May 21, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"A look into the business practices of Indiana's Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun"

Mother Jones, May 21, 2018, Monday - Alexander Colvin
"Supreme Court Deals a Big Blow to Workers’ Rights"

Yahoo! News, May 21, 2018, Monday - Alexander Colvin
"Setback for workers: What fallout as Supreme Court OKs forced arbitration?"

Hukuki Net, May 20, 2018, Sunday - Kati L. Griffith and Shannon Gleeson
"Immigration Article of the Day: The Precarity of Temporality: How Law Inhibits Immigrant Worker Claims"

CNBC, May 19, 2018, Saturday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Hundreds of companies are taking on their employees' student loan debt"

CNBC, May 17, 2018, Thursday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"The real reason so many people are working 'side hustles'"

Stanford Social Innovation Review, May 17, 2018, Thursday - Marya Besharov
"Harmonizing Tension of Hybrid Organizations"

The Christian Science Monitor, May 16, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Europe's new data privacy law"

WIVB, May 16, 2018, Wednesday - Art Wheaton
"Higher gas prices, but Americans are buying more SUVs"

The Sacramento Bee,  May 14, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"What happens if UC health workers strike again? Commencements, state funding could be hit"

The New York Review of Books,  May 24 Issue, 2018 - Virginia Doellgast
"Big Brother Goes Digital"

Anchorage Daily News,  May 10, 2018, Thursday - Tara Sweeney '96
"Alaska nominee pressed to straighten up federal agency in turmoil"

Financial Times,  May 9, 2018, Wednesday - Susanne Bruyère
"How flexible attitudes can help disabled staff pull their weight"

Quartz, May 8, 2018, Tuesday - Adam Seth Litwin
"The 20 most interesting business school classes in the world, with links to their syllabi"

Huffington Post, May 4, 2018, Friday - Harry Katz
"Unions Face The Fight Of Their Lives To Protect American Workers"

April 2018

Gothamist, April 30, 2018, Monday - Risa Lieberwitz
"Columbia Graduate Student Workers Strike Has National Implications"

The Center for Public Integrity, April 30, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau
"How Trump and Sessions cherry-picked data to blame immigrants for lower wages"

The Ithaca Voice, April 29, 2018, Sunday - Liz Karns
"Take Back the Night: 1,300 people in Tompkins sought help for domestic and sexual violence in 2017"

BuzzFeed News, April 27, 2018, Friday - Rosemary Batt
"How Wall Street Bought Toys 'R' Us and Left 30,000 People Without Jobs"

Weatherford Democrat, April 26, 2018, Thursday - Alex Colvin
"Mandatory arbitration locks Texas workers out of court, report shows"

WBFO, April 26, 2018, Thursday - Art Wheaton
"Will tariffs do more harm than good?"

Harvard Business Review, April 26, 2018, Thursday - Vanessa Bohns
"To Reduce Sexual Misconduct, Help People Understand How Their Advances Might Be Received"

Politifact, April 25, 2018, Wednesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"First-ever political campaign staff to unionize? Randy Bryce says his"

Northwestern, April 25, 2018, Wednesday - Francine Blau
"Joel Mokyr receives lifetime achievement award in economics"

Asbury Park Press, April 25, 2018, Wednesday - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"NJ Equal Pay Act: 5 things employers — and employees — have to know"

Inc., April 25, 2018, Wednesday - Samuel Bacharach
"Avoid Being the Age-Biased Leader"

Harvard Business Review, May–June 2018 issue (pp.142–145) - Vanessa Bohns
"How to Get the Help You Need"

KUOW, April 24, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"In Historic Election, Portland Burgerville Workers Vote To Unionize"

American Economic Association, American Economic Association, April 23, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau
"Francine Blau, Distinguished Fellow 2018"

The Independent, April 21, 2018, Saturday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"How artificial intelligence can make employment discrimination worse"

Bloomberg, April 20, 2018, Friday - Lance Compa
"Conor Lamb Win Energizes Labor Unions' Approach to Midterms"

Ithaca Times, April 18, 2018, Wednesday - Adam Seth Litwin
"Student-founded publication seeks to tell untold stories of the Ivy League"

CNN Money, April 18, 2018, Wednesday - Alexander Colvin
"The ways companies silence women at work"

Federal News Radio, April 18, 2018, Wednesday - Lee Adler
"Possibility of first-ever strike divides Arizona teachers"

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, April 17, 2018, Tuesday - Jean McKelvey
"Jim Memmott: When labor and management couldn't agree, they called on Jean McKelvey"

ABC News, April 18, 2018, Wednesday - Lee Adler
"Possibility of first-ever strike divides Arizona teachers"

Fivethirtyeight, April 10, 2018, Tuesday - Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn
"The Pay Gap Is Way Too Entrenched To Be Solved By Women Alone"

United States Courts, April 9, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Rizo v. Yovino paper cited in court decision,

NPR, April 9, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn
"Mind The Pay Gap"

Newsday, April 8, 2018, Sunday, Charlotte Zhang (student)
"Experts: Firms that don't have full buy-in on diversity will be at a disadvantage"

LA Progressive, April 7, 2018, Saturday - Alex Colvin
"Forced Arbitration Contracts Cover 60 Million Workers"

The Blade, April 6, 2018, Friday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"We need an information consumer's bill of rights"

BuzzFeed, April 4, 2018, Wednesday - Hollaback; 2014 Cornell International Survey on Street Harassment
"This Slam Poet Addressed The Effects Catcalling Can Have On Women"

USA Today, April 4, 2018, Wednesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Unions to companies: Show me the money from the tax cut"

USA Today, April 3, 2018, Tuesday - Yang-Tan Institute
"Gallaudet eyes more progress for deaf community 30 years after 'Deaf President now' protest"

March 2018

Legal Talk Network, March 29, 2018, Thursday - Erica Groshen
"Technology's Impact on the Future of the Labor Force"

Illinois News Network, March 27, 2018, Tuesday - Lee Adler
"Court: State worker union to get automatic pay hikes despite Rauner freeze"

The Morning Call, March 24, 2018, Saturday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Facebook users aren't the reason Facebook is in trouble now"

ProPublica, March 22, 2018, Thursday - Alex Colvin
"Cutting 'Old Heads' at IBM", March 21, 2018, Wednesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Breaking up with Facebook? It's harder than it looks", March, 20, 2018, Tuesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Breaking up with Facebook? It's harder than it looks"

The Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2018, Tuesday - Art Wheaton
"Toyota to Temporarily Halt Driverless-Car Testing in U.S.", March 20, 2018, Tuesday - ILR School
"Gillibrand, Pollack front forum on sexual harassment"

Fox40, March 19, 2018, Monday - ILR School
"Senator Gillibrand discusses Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"

Spectrum News, March 19, 2018, Monday - ILR School
"Cornell Holds Sexual Harassment-at-Work Forum"

WENY News, March 19, 2018, Monday - ILR School
"Sen. Gillibrand Visits Cornell to Discuss Sexual Harassment"

All Things Equal podcast, March 13, 2018, Tuesday - Alex Colvin
"Sexual Harassment at Work"

MM&M, March 13, 2018, Tuesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Rise of the health-tech ethicist"

Gusto, March 12, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"As rates sink, Instacart workers threaten strike. But will it work?"

New York Times, March 5, 2018, Monday - Francine Blau
"Americans Might No Longer Prefer Sons Over Daughters"

February 2018

Splinter, February 28, 2018, Wednesday - Maria Figueroa
"Will Unions Ever Protect Freelancers From Getting Screwed?"

The Irish Times, February 23, 2018, Friday - Vanessa Bohns
"No response from those emails and texts? It’s time to get verbal"

WBEN Radio in Buffalo, February 23, 2018, Friday - Art Wheaton
"It's Profit Sharing Day for Tonawanda General Motors' Employees"

Pressconnects, February 23, 2018, Friday - Elizabeth Karns
"New York paid $11M in harassment settlements since '08"

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, February 23, 2018, Friday - Elizabeth Karns
"New York paid $11M in harassment settlements since '08"

Washington Post, February 22, 2018, Thursday - Fran Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"America needs a universal paid leave program", February 21, 2018, Wednesday - Art Wheaton
"Spirit Airlines Flight Dispatchers Vote to Switch Unions"

Buffalo News, February 21, 2018, Wednesday - Lee Adler
"Employees watching carefully as Tops files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy"

Ithaca Journal, February 21, 2018, Wednesday - Ileen DeVault
"#Me Too: Fight against workplace sexual harassment began at Cornell in 1975"

Automotive News, February 21, 2018, Wednesday - Art Wheaton
"Scandal threatens UAW solidarity"

Huffington Post, February 19, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"This Supreme Court Case Is The Biggest Threat To Organized Labor In Years"

Automotive News, February 16, 2018, Friday - Art Wheaton
"Will scandal cripple the UAW, or transform it?"

Yahoo Finance UK, February 16, 2018, Friday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"#MeToo moment has women demanding equal pay. How to get it done"

The Buffalo News, February 16, 2018, Friday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"At Wendt, workers learn the first union contract can be a long time coming"

The Gadsden Times, February 15, 2018, Thursday - Art Wheaton
"John F. Floyd: Federal probe could damage chrysler, UAW"

Yubanet, February 13, 2018, Tuesday - Shannon Gleeson
"Trump Border Wall Investment and Deportation Policy is 'Terrorizing Immigrants"

CNBC, February 12, 2018, Monday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Here's what you lose if you join the gig economy"

Slate Magazine, February 5, 2018, Monday - Fran Blau
"Scandinavian Women Do Not Have It All Even in Denmark and Sweden’s family-friendly utopia, children are career killers for women"

The New York Times, February 5, 2018, Monday - Fran Blau
"Even in Family-Friendly Scandinavia, Mothers Are Paid Less"

Chicago Tribune, February 4, 2018, Sunday - Harry Katz
"Trump era throws wrench into grad students' hopes for unions"

Automotive News, February 4, 2018, Sunday - Art Wheaton
"Scandal threatens UAW solidarity"

Forbes, February 2, 2018, Friday - Louis Hyman
"Why Your Organization Needs An Internal Gig Economy Platform"

Center for American Progress, February 1, 2018, Thursday - Fran Blau and Larry Kahn
"The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-January 2018 Jobs Release"

January 2018

PsyPost, January 29, 2018, Monday - Emily Zitek
"It is hard to get entitled people to follow instructions, study finds"

MENAFN, January 29, 2018, Monday - Kenneth Kahn '69
"HR Technology Conference and Zukunft Personal Forge Global Alliance to Accelerate International Expansion"

The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 2018, Thursday - Alex Colvin
"As More Companies Demand Arbitration Agreements, Sexual Harassment Claims Fizzle", January 25, 2018, Thursday - Alex Colvin
"When you cannot sue your employer: Over half of non-unionised employees are now covered by mandatory arbitration", January 23, 2018, Tuesday - Fran Blau
"Do immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers $300 billion annually?", January 22, 2018, Monday - Art Wheaton
"Ex-Chrysler Executive Admits to Diverting Training Fund"

KJZZ, January 19, 2018, Friday, Shannon Gleeson
"What's the Impact of Proposed Changes to H-1B Visas?", January 17, 2018, Wednesday - Shannon Gleeson
"Is Trump carrying out a mass deportation? It feels that way to some", January 17, 2018, Wednesday - Lee Adler
"Unions would suffer but not end because of Supreme Court decision", January 16, 2018, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Republicans Are Taking Voter Suppression to the Workplace"

Benefits Pro, January 16, 2018, Tuesday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"Wellness apps and employee privacy: What employers need to know", January 15, 2018, Monday - Vernon Briggs
"Evaluating the Damage: Immigration’s Impact on Black Americans", January 12, 2018, Friday - Patricia Campos-Medina
"9 Responses to Trump's Vulgar Comments on Immigration"

Accenture, January 9, 2018, Tuesday - Eva Sage-Gavin (alum)
"Eva Sage-Gavin Tapped to Lead Accenture’s Talent & Organization Practice"

South China Morning Post, January 4, 2018, Thursday - Eli Friedman
"How the eviction of Beijing’s migrant workers is tearing at the fabric of the city’s economy"

The Atlantic, January 4, 2018, Thursday - ILR Review
"Why Is the U.S. So Bad at Worker Retraining?"

Stratfor, January 3, 2018, Wednesday - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
"The Geopolitics of Postmodern Parenting"

WalletHub, January 2, 2018, Tuesday - Stephanie Thomas
"2018’s Best Places to Find a Job"

HealthDay, January 2, 2018, Tuesday - Emily Zitek
"Why the 'Entitled' Think Rules Don't Apply to Them"

December 2017

Quartz, December 26, 2017, Tuesday - Emily Zitek
"There's a trick to getting entitled employees to stop complaining and do their jobs"

CXO Today, December 26, 2017, Tuesday - Chris Collins
"Top 5 Recruitment Trends To Dominate In 2018"

The New York Times, December 19, 2017, Tuesday - Alex Colvin
"Microsoft Moves to End Secrecy in Sexual Harassment Claims"

Mic, December 19, 2017, Tuesday - The Worker Institute
"HeartMob is a literal safe space for victims of online abuse"

The 74, December 19, 2017, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner and Randi Weingarten (alumni)
"The 10 Most Memorable Teachers Union Quotes of 2017"

Inside Higher Ed, December 14, 2017, Thursday - Paul Velleman
"Is Anyone Reading This Headline?"

Newsweek, December 14, 2017, Thursday - KC Wagner
"Low-Paid Women Filed Most Sexual Harassment Claims But Haven't Had Their #MeToo Moment"

Nonprofit Quarterly, December 13, 2017, Wednesday - Ron Ehrenberg
"Putting More than Lip Service toward Affordable College for All"

The New York Times, December 11, 2017, Monday - KC Wagner
"Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do."

KCBS Radio, December 10, 2017, Sunday - Alex Colvin
"Restaurant Tip Pooling"

The Guardian, December 10, 2017, Sunday - Eli Friedman
"Hundreds take part in rare protest in Beijing over migrant crackdown"

Reveal, December 7, 2017, Thursday - Ron Ehrenberg
"In an era of inequity, more college financial aid is going to the rich"

The New York Times, December 6, 2017, Wednesday - Maria Figueroa
"New York Officials Battle Wage Theft in Construction Industry"

Jacobin Magazine, December 6, 2017, Wednesday - Eli Friedman
"Evicting the Underclass"

Ithaca Times, December 3, 2017, Sunday - Peter Cetale (student)
"Cornell students conceive tech-based approach to boost church attendance"

The San Diego Union-Tribune, December 3, 2017, Sunday - A.J. Preller (alumni)
"Padres extend A.J. Preller through 2022"

Los Angeles Times, December 1, 2017, Friday - Rosemary Batt
"Why companies and media organizations are taking days, not months, to act on sexual allegations"

November 2017

Last Word on Sports, November 30, 2017, Thursday - Robert Hutchens
"Economic Analysis: NCAA Athletes Should Not Be Paid"

Wired, November 29, 2017, Wednesday - Sarosh Kuruvilla
"Inside Adidas’ Robot-Powered, On-Demand Sneaker Factory"

The Washington Post, November 29, 2017, Wednesday - Risa Lieberwitz
"Sexual harassment debate advances an issue — and confuses it"

The New York Times, November 29, 2017, Wednesday - Rose Batt
"Trump Ran for the ‘Forgotten.’ Then He Forgot Them."

Morningstar, November 28, 2017, Tuesday - Francine Blau
"Meghan Markle will likely stop working after marrying Prince Harry -- why single-income families are a luxury in 2017"

Swirlster, November 23, 2017, Thursday - ILR School
"My Daughter Got Her First Catcall, And I Didn't Know What To Tell Her"

Morning Consult, November 20, 2017, Monday - Louis Hyman
"The Surprising Impact of Your Neighborhood Dollar Store", November 20, 2017, Monday - Ifeoma Ajunwa
"5 Ways To Safeguard Company Hiring Processes From Ageism"

Popular Science, November 17, 2017, Friday - Art Wheaton
"Tesla is crowdfunding its vehicles with big promises"

Newsweek, November 17, 2017, Friday - Art Wheaton
"Elon Musk Says Tesla Roadster Is Quickest Production Car Ever"

Markets Insider, November 16, 2017, Thursday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Minnesota City Teamster Drivers Strike Sysco"

The Buffalo News, November 16, 2017, Thursday - Art Wheaton
"How workers at GM Lockport built a turnaround"

Markets Insider, November 16, 2017, Thursday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Kansas City Teamster Drivers Strike Sysco"

The Island Now, November 15, 2017, Wednesday - Joshua Lafazan (alumni)
"Lafazan credits energy of interns for Nassau District 18 win"

Inc. Magazine, November 13, 2017, Monday - Samuel Bacharach
"Escaping the Asylum"

The Daily Utah Chronicle, November 8, 2017, Wednesday - Fran Blau and Larry Kahn
"Parkin: Equal Pay in the Workforce: Iceland Sets Example"

Bloomberg, November 7, 2017, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"U.S. Labor Leaders Confront Sexual Harassment in Top Ranks"

Boston Globe, November 7, 2017, Tuesday - Kate Bronfenbrenner
"Labor leaders confront sexual harassment in their top ranks"

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October 2017

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"GOP shouldn't raid 401(k) plans to pay for tax cuts"

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"Autonomous cars head for the Big Apple"

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"An infrastructure of silence"

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"A Hot Issue Reaches The High Court"

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"Dyson's Bid to Build an Electric Car Just Might Work"

September 2017

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"Why do Women Continue to Make Less than Men?"

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"More than half of American workers can’t sue their employer"

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"China’s Electric Car Switch To Rattle Industry, Drive Up Price Of Lithium"

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August 2017

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"What people get wrong about affirmative action"

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July 2017

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"Every state wants to build the next Silicon Valley, but Wisconsin’s attempt has the best name"

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"Apple Expands Bet on Cutting Edge Privacy Technology"

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"MSU History Associate Professor Wins 2017 Philip Taft Prize"

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"Who Is Wilbur Ross? From bankruptcy king to Trump’s king of commerce"

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June 2017

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""Gig economy" continues dramatic expansion"

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"Happy Birthday, ATMs!"

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"N.Y. governor unveils $1.5 bil renewables plan; NYPA to play key role"

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"Cuomo announces clean energy jobs partnership with Cornell"

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"Andrew Cuomo ramps up criticism of Donald Trump's Paris decision"

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"NYS announces $1.5 billion "Clean Climate Careers" initiative with Cornell"

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"Cuomo announces clean energy jobs initiative"

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"Governor Cuomo announces initiatives upping New York’s commitment to fighting climate change", June 2, 2017, Friday – The ILR School
"Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces $2 Million To Improve Water Quality On Long Island"

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"Cuomo Announces Climate and Jobs Initiative Partnership With Cornell University"

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May 2017

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"Why Have So Many Women Quit on Mayor de Blasio?"

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"Avoid 'cookie-cutter' transition services (PDF, 436 KB)"

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"Big Summer Shutdowns Loom for U.S. Auto Plants as Sales Sputter"

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"Spotting Raw Talent"

April 2017

How Do We Fix It?, April 26, 2017, Wednesday – Louis Hyman
"#100 The Myth of Main Street"

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"Once Burned Employees Likelier To Job-Hop"

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"5 Steps Every Victim Of Revenge Porn Should Consider"

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"The People’s Burger?"

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March 2017

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"How a group of food service workers formed a union underground"

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"Tesla's Model 3 is Coming. Here's What We Know Now"

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February 2017

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"Why Bosses Should Stop Thinking of ‘A Players,’ ‘B Players’ and ‘C Players’"

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January 2017

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"Detroit's auto show was all about Trump — and he wasn’t even there"

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