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Through teaching, research and outreach, ILR generates and shares knowledge to solve human problems, manage and resolve conflict, establish best practices in the workplace and inform government policy.

Student, Faculty Awards

At ILR’s 24th Annual McPherson Honors and Awards Dinner, students and faculty were recognized for outstanding academic scholarship, leadership and service.

Seniors who are candidates for the “graduation with honors” designation, which requires completion of a thesis, were also acknowledged.

Faculty awards were based on student nominations and supporting letters.

The event is named after James E. McPherson, assistant dean and director of the Office of Student Services at ILR from 1983 to 2002. He also served as director of teaching from 1996 to 2002.

Recipients of awards are:

General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching: Jorgen Harris Ph.D. ’19
MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching: Associate Professor Adam Seth Litwin
Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring: Assistant Professor Rachel Aleks and Assistant Professor Veronica Martinez-Matsuda
SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Lhani Jamison ’17 and Jonathan Goldstein ’17
Merrill Presidential Scholars: Charlotte Barszewski ’17, Allison Considine ’17 and Julia Krupski ’17
ILR Global Scholars: Katie Lim ’17 and Marc Masson ’17
Eric Lawrence Ehrenberg Memorial Prize: Kayleigh Lavender ’17
Virginia Freeman Memorial Prize: Charlotte Barszewski ’17
Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize: Allison Considine ’17
Daniel Alpern Award: Jordan Bakst ’17 and Alison Woody ’17
James Campbell Award: Julia Krupski ’17
Irving M. Ives Senior Award: Alexander Chakrin ’17
John O’Donnell Prize in Labor Law: Brian Meersma ’18 & Spencer Sigalow ’19
Seidman Prize: Omar Manky ’17 & Elizabeth Mullin ’17

Seniors who are candidates for graduation with honors, and titles of their theses, are:

Jordan Berger
“The Learning Process of Intergroup Dialogue Facilitators”

Anthony Conte
“ʽAnd Accessibility for All:ʼ How the Tech Industry is Responding to the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities”

Jacqueline Ferri
“What Strategies Improve Gender Diversity in Investment Banks?”

Ryan Garcia
“The Effects of Work-Family Policies on Single and Childless Individuals”

Carly Gibbons
“Work-Life Balance and its Impact on Core Relationships”

Jonathan Goldstein
“Institutional Commodification of Disability: Pathways to Justice and Representation”

Emma Keteltas
“Family Leave Policy in the US and the UK: The Influence of Political Structure on Legislation”

Julia Krupski
“Working Through Representations of Disability:  Intersections of Industrialization, Labor, and Disability in Victorian Literature”

Jonathan Levitan
“The Halls of the Kremlin or the Shop Floor: Examining the Schism in the Russian Labor Movement and its Consequences”

Seth Lutsic
“Cutting a Gordian Knot in the Gig Economy: Can Municipalities Confer Collective Bargaining Rights on ‘Independent Contractors’ Without Congressional Action?”

Marc Masson
“The Labor Market Integration of Asylum Seekers in France”

Lily Mei
“Studying Applicant Reactions to Video Interviewing and Face-to-Face Interviewing on Cornell Campus”

Jack Nobel
“Non à Sodexo: Building Transnational Labor Alliances to Win”

Ryan Olson
“A Critique of Garcetti v. Ceballos: The Problems Judicial Activism Created in First Amendment Jurisprudence”

Damian O’Sullivan
“Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration Clauses in the Employment Context: A Regulatory Framework Drawing from International Employment Dispute Resolution Methods”

Carla Restina
“Corporate Counterintelligence: An Organizational Function”

Andre Silva
“Clandestine Employee Resistance to Change: Understanding Change Fatigue and its Predictors Within Organizations”

Danielle Sosa
“Rhetoric and Violence at the Lawrence — Textile Strike”

Dan Stein
“The Effects of Challenge and Threat on the Severity-Attraction Hypothesis”

Caitlin Stroup
“Perceived Fairness of Performance Feedback: Narrative vs. Numbers”

Sherry Tanious
“Technology and the Externalization of Work: An Econometric Analysis”

Gideon Teitel
“The Economic and Labor Dynamics between the US and Mexico”

Anna Wang
“Modern Youth Migrant Worker Consciousness in China”

Alejandra Gomez Zambrano
“Evaluating Human Resource Strategies in Attracting and Retaining Millennials to Small City Manufacturing Sites”