Creating a Link to a Document

Click on the images below for larger versions.

  1. Highlight the text to become a link
  2. Copy (Ctrl/Cmd C) the text
  3. Click the "Add Media" icon in the toolbar

    add document step 1

  4. Adding a new document:
    1. Click on Browse... and find it on your computer
    2. Click Next and then in the Name field, replace the text with your link text (paste - Ctrl/Cmd V)
    3. Click Save and then Submit

      add document step 3

  5. Using an existing document
    1. Click on Library (or My Files for one you've uploaded)
    2. Search by part of the file name and filter by Type (document) to narrow the results
    3. Click on the file in the list and then Submit (Note that you can't change the link text here for files you didn't upload)
    4. Click Submit again
    5. Change the link text to the text you want to be the link (Hint, select all but the first character of the link text or else you will remove the link and will have to start over)

      add document step 2