ILR NYC 570 Lexington Hoteling Policy


This Hoteling Policy outlines rules for assigning dedicated open workstations and certain Dean’s designated offices among ILR and Cornell University employees and visitors on an as needed rotating basis. We have established the following guidelines to ensure that hoteling of workstations and offices works efficiently and equitably for visitors. Importantly, ILR would like to maintain a balance with respect to who and which Cornell units are using hoteling spaces so that one group does not monopolize the use of the spaces.


This hoteling policy refers to university employees and visitors who have a need to occasionally work in the ILR NYC Office space. All employees with a regular work schedule in the ILR NYC office are assigned a dedicated workstation to use and should not use any of the dedicated open hoteling workstations. Currently, there is no charge for using a hoteling space. Independent contractors working for ILR and Cornell are not allowed to use the Hoteling spaces on a regular basis: the use must be periodic and will be monitored.

Policy elements

What is hoteling?

We have a set number (13) of hoteling workstations in our 570 Lexington office on the 11th and 12th floor. These workstations are not assigned to any particular employee or group, and will be shared on an as needed basis with visitors. These Hoteling spaces will change over time so please consult this updated policy and the Outlook Calendar. Current Hoteling Spaces are as follows:

  • 11th Floor:
    Workstations 1107-10; 1122-3; 1122-4; 1122-12; 1122-15;
    Dean’s Designated Office: 1120
    ILR Dean Workstation: 1122-2 (Reserved for Dean/Staff from ILR Ithaca)
  • 12th Floor:
    Workstations: 1218-10; 1226-5; 1226-7;
    Dean’s Designated Offices: 1209, 1215
    ILR Dean’s Office: 1216 (Reserved for the ILR Dean and his guests)

Why we established a hoteling policy

ILR and Cornell employees have occasional need to transact university business in NYC, collaborate on Outreach and research projects, and to have a convenient touch-down space in NYC. During their visit from the Ithaca campus, we are providing a temporary workspace. This allows:

  • Ability to network with a larger number of colleagues
  • Creates ways to work and communicate with other teams more easily
  • Fosters a culture of respecting shared office space

How to reserve hoteling space

Visitors must request a hoteling workspace at least five days in advance of their visit by using the Outlook calendar system. As workstations are available, each visitor may request an unoccupied designated Hoteling workstation for the duration of their stay, not to exceed five consecutive days. Each request must have a short description of the Cornell business purpose (e.g. collaborate with Smithers Institute on a research project; meet with Engaged Cornell and Bloomberg Foundation about a proposal).

Each request will be reviewed by Jasminy Joe (, 212-340-2874) and approved before you can occupy your Hoteling space. Concerns or issues will be directed to Joe Grasso (

Arrival at 570 Lex

Upon arriving at 570 Lexington Ave, all visitors must check in with the building lobby attendant and let them know they need access to Cornell University – ILR School on the 12th floor, a photo ID must be provided (preferably a Cornell employee ID).

Upon arrival on the 12th floor, check in with the receptionist who will provide instructions to the assigned workstation. If you are a Cornell employee using the space for the first time, the receptionist will activate your Cornell ID to allow access into the work areas. If you are a visitor from outside of Cornell, the receptionist will issue you a temporary building access badge which will allow you into the building as well as into the secured office areas of the 11th and 12th floors. This temporary badge must be returned to the receptionist at the completion of your stay. Each visitor will be provided with a simple list of instructions (a laminated sheet will be at the Hoteling station) and a web site address that will orient the visitor on how to use the Wi-Fi and common spaces.

Hoteling employees’ responsibilities

Visitors should:

  • Speak in a quiet voice so as not to disrupt the workspace and colleagues.
  • Keep all desks clean and tidy and follow basic hygiene rules.
  • Remove all personal items from their working space once they are finished using the Hoteling space.
  • Avoid monopolizing specific workstations. If we observe visitors leaving personal items on a desk for longer than the scheduled visit time, we will remove their materials.
  • Keep personal items in your briefcases, backpacks, or bags instead of on/in desks.
  • Eat lunch in the employee lounge and not in Hoteling spaces.
  • Avoid leaving confidential documents on desks.
    • Use meeting rooms and phone booths for confidential calls and meetings.
    • Meeting rooms can be reserved through the Outlook system at.
    • After they are finished with their work, they need to remove personal items from the desk so others may use it.

Employees and visitors should try to resolve space conflicts in shared work spaces amicably amongst themselves. However, conflicts over Hoteling scheduling should be addressed to Jasminy Joe.

ILR’s responsibilities

We want to ensure that visiting employees can be comfortable and productive at any given desk. Specifically, hoteling workstations will provide:

  • An adjustable desk, storage space, and in some cases, a simple computer terminal.
  • Some Hoteling spaces may have phones available, but visitors should generally rely on using their cell phones.
  • Provide meeting rooms which can be scheduled, phone booths which are schedulable through Outlook (there are other ‘open’ phone booths that are solely reserved for the employees permanently assigned to the 570 Lexington facility), and easily accessible common areas.
  • There is no printing available
  • ILR will NOT provide technical support to visitors other than ensuring connection to Eduroam or to RedRover.