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Renee Cook
Manager Outreach Division Unrestricted Funds & Accounts Receivable
(607) 255-2759,
PCI Compliance Coordinator for ILR

Christine Cotton
Financial Specialist for Contracts and Services
(607) 255-5324,

Jon Horn
Financial Specialist for ILR Fiscal Operations
Budget Planning
(607) 255-7806,

Tara Kastenhuber
Account Representative
(607) 255-0528,

Mickey Khounthavong
Account Representative
NYC Finance
(212) 340-2828,

Sarina Lam
Account Representative
NYC Finance
(212) 340-2848,

Erika Rose
Manager of Sponsored Research Office
Grant Administrator/Financial Manager, Yang-Tan Institute
(607) 255-3079,

Cheli Secord
Restricted Gifts and Endowment Funds Coordinator
(607) 255-2712,
Endowment/Income Accounts
Founders Fund

Wil Stringer
Director of the Office of Financial Operations and Budget Planning
(607) 255-9907,

Larisa Vygran
Manager Resident Division Unrestricted Funds
(607) 255-1963,
Tuition Revenue and Financial Aid
Graduate Assistantships

Department Listserve: ILRFIN-L

Fax Number: (607) 255-9826

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