Social Media Ambassadors

ILR Social Media Ambassadors Vera Lin, Tyler Correawhite and Jenniffer Flores

ILRs Social Media Ambassadors are current undergraduate students who assist the ILR Office of Communications and Marketing in the planning and implementation of ILRs social media initiatives.

Ambassadors are our "virtual tour guides" for the student experience, tasked to initiate dialogues with our audiences authentically from the student perspective. ILR and Cornell are rich and diverse campuses, we expect our ambassadors to represent and illustrate that experience. Our ambassadors are involved in clubs, travel the world, study hard, enjoy the local color, and they share the story of what it means to be a student at ILR.

Want to be an ambassador?

You can be an ILR social media ambassadors if you are an ILR undergraduate or graduate students who is active on social media and well-versed in content planning and creation for social media, web, and video. If you are interested in becoming a social media ambassador, please reach out to David Yantorno to apply.