Services We Provide

ILR Communications & Marketing provides a variety of communications, marketing communications and public relations services. We work closely with you and your team to develop and help execute plans, programs and projects utilizing in-house expertise, as well as external resources.


Are you trying to increase visibility for your program or solve a communications problem? Our team is available to offer advice and help you think through short-and longer-term solutions for your communications and marketing-related needs and challenges.

Research and Planning

Would you like to know more about audience perceptions and the effectiveness of messages and strategies? We'll assist by discussing market research needs, and options for conducting and analyzing the research. We'll collaborate with you to produce planning documents for a project, a program launch or your annual communications efforts.


Are you doing something new, timely, different, groundbreaking? Will it have a significant impact on the world of work? Share your news story ideas with us. If the story has news value for ILR, Cornell or other audiences important to the school, we'll write content for publication in ILR channels or connect you with one of our freelance writers.

Promotion and Publicity

Looking for ideas to create exposure for your event and draw people to your program or lecture? Our team can guide you on the design of promotional and media strategies, and provide planning and design guidance to support your efforts and help expand your reach.

Media Relations

Do you have a point of view about a hot issue in the news, or has your research produced dramatic findings or resulted in a book or major publication? We can tap our extensive network of workplace, business, trade and professional media editors and reporters to generate interest and get the word out to regional, national and international audiences.

Creative Direction and Design

Producing a new brochure or hoping to give an existing publication a new look and feel? Connect with our team to discuss and identify your needs and to shape concepts. We'll match you with a designer whose experience and style fits with your creative vision.

Printing and Photography

Do you need to find a reliable printing company, create a display or arrange for professional-quality photos of an event? Our team has relationships with a variety of printing companies, photographers, direct mail services and other vendors – in Ithaca, New York City and other locations.

Video and Webcast Production

Would you like to tell your story in a more visual way or reach a larger audience with your message? ILR's video production team can help you map video and multimedia strategies and determine the best way to get it done, either through in-house production services or with an outside firm.

Social Media

Thinking about launching a Facebook page or Twitter account, or are you exploring other social media options? Our team, working collaboratively with the ILR Web Services team, can advise you on social media strategy, provide counsel to help you get started and design channels that build community and advance your goals.

ILR Product Line

ILR merchandise is available to students, faculty, staff, alumni and program participants. We carry a line of ILR apparel, program and event materials, and special recognition gifts.

Please Note:

Many of our services are provided at no cost to you. ILR Communications & Marketing relies on outside firms and vendors to provide some services, including printing, photography, design and market research. We can advise you on which projects will require an outside vendor, offer initial direction for the project and then help you identify the best external contractor for the job. ILR Communications & Marketing does not cover external contractor fees – those are paid by the program/client. We can help you size up your budget restrictions and timing needs, and refer you to an appropriate vendor.

For services relating to the ILR website, contact the ILR Web Services.
To videotape a class lecture or program, contact ILR Technology Services.

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