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Studying and living abroad requires attending to numerous details.  Please take time to review the information below as you prepare for your semester in Dublin.  If you have specific questions, please contact Brigid Beachler for assistance.

Please be sure to read the pre-departure checklist (pdf) over carefully to ensure you have completed all of the necessary paperwork for the program.

Packing & Luggage

Our best advice on luggage and packing is to PACK LIGHT!  While this maybe hard to do, you will thank yourself in the end!  Weather in Dublin is moderate, but wet, so you will need a good umbrella but not snow boots.  Take only those things you feel are most important and that you will actually use. 

Be sure to pack things for both social activities like hiking as well as more formal events that you may choose to attend.  You are likely to accumulate many new things (souvenirs, gifts, books, etc.) during your semester, so leave a bit of extra room in your luggage.

Also keep in mind, that most airlines have fairly rigid restrictions on both carry-on and checked luggage.  You should contact your airline to confirm both weight and excess baggage restrictions for international flights.  You may be charged significant fees if you go over these limits. 

Look this limited packing list over carefully to ensure you have completed all of the necessary paperwork for the program.


Students participating in the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program will receive two transcripts for the semester.   An official UCD transcript will be sent to students which record the original grades the student received. A Cornell transcript will also be generated. 

The European system of grading is significantly different than our own (an A-G scale).  Therefore, a conversion scale has been formulated to translate the UCD grades to relevant Cornell grades.  Your Cornell transcript will reflect these converted grades. All converted grades will count toward your Cornell GPA.

ILR Career Services

Students currently studying abroad will still be eligible to receive all of the services regularly available to students who are on-campus. The process for summer and full-time recruitment is slightly different while you are off campus, so we encourage you to visit the Office of Career Services before you leave campus. For services while you are in Dublin, please contact Melissa Burgess, Assistant Director of Career Services, at

We also encourage you to make use of the Cornell Career Services (CCS) office in 103 Barnes Hall. It is a good idea to attend their on-campus recruiting and/or internship orientation sessions before you leave campus. Visit the CCS website for more information.

Connecting to the Catherwood Library

The staff at ILR's Catherwood Library encourages you to visit with them before you leave campus so you can be trained on how to maintain access to Cornell information sources from overseas.  They can also equip you with a Lexis ID that will work from anywhere in the world. However, if you are not already trained on Lexis (this takes about 1 hour), you can not be supplied with an ID and Password.

If you are already abroad and would like more information on how to access the Catherwood's resources, please look at the following link in the Library Gateway:

  • Connecting from off-campus - When in another time zone, it helps if you place your computer clock on Ithaca Date & Time (EST). Some databases require time coordination.
  • The Reference Librarians at the Catherwood Library have put together a great list of research resources for students who are currently off-campus.
  • The Catherwood Library offers numerous guides to help you find appropriate information on the workplace.
  • For contact information, visit the Reference Department.

Graduating Seniors

If you intend to graduate the semester you return to campus or if you will be spending your final semester in Ireland, please be sure to make an appointment with Ms. Jenn Weidner in the Office of Student Services to ensure that you have any necessary paperwork done before you leave campus.

You should also plan ahead if you would like to be included in the yearbook. If you have questions, please contact the Cornellian at or by phone at 272-2000 ext. 232. You may also want to visit their offices at 209 College Avenue to schedule a portrait before you leave campus. 

If you have any questions about commencement, contact Jennifer Weidner, College Registrar and Associate Director of Student Services, in 101 Ives Hall at 607-255-1515 or e-mail at  You can also get more information on the Cornell Commencement website.

Withdrawal from the Program

Withdrawal from the ILR/UCD Program is strictly prohibited except in the case of emergency. You are required to complete your semester, including the entire exam period. You should not make arrangements to leave Dublin until the official closing of the semester.

Should you elect to leave the program early, you risk losing all of your tuition money and the entire semester’s credit. You also would continue to be responsible for fulfilling your housing contract and any other fees associated with the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program.

Legal Matters

It is essential that you remember that you are a guest in Ireland and you are subject to their legal system. Moreover, you are also subject to all rules, regulations, and procedures of University College, Dublin and Cornell University. If you break Irish law, you will be subject Irish law and may be prosecuted in their criminal system. You are strongly cautioned to strictly obey all Irish laws, particularly drug laws.

Moreover, if you are disciplined by UCD for violations of their regulations, you also risk disciplinary action under the Cornell Code of Conduct. Any disciplinary action taken by UCD will become part of your file at the ILR/UCD Study Abroad Program and the Cornell Judicial Administrator will be notified.


All registered US voters are eligible to vote by absentee ballot while studying abroad.

If you would like to vote in a US election while you are studying in Dublin, you must register to have an absentee ballot sent to you at your local address in Dublin. Every state has slightly different requirements on absentee voting and you should visit the Federal Absentee Voting website for complete information.

However, follow the guidelines below to ensure that your absentee ballot is counted:

  • Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website for information on the absentee registration and voting process.
  • Ensure that you have applied for your absentee ballot using the hard copy or on-line versions of the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).
  • Make sure your local election official has your current mailing address.
  • Sign and date all election materials.
  • Fulfill your state's witness/notary requirements (if required).
  • Ensure that your ballot or FPCA is postmarked.
  • Register to vote and request your ballot in a timely manner - not later than September.
  • VOTE - mail your ballot not later than October 15th of the election year.
  • Use the Federal Write in Absentee Ballot if you are overseas and your State absentee ballot does not arrive in time to be mailed back by the state's deadline.