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Office of Student Services Staff

Kevin Harris
Frank B. Miller Director

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  •  Academic Standards and Integrity Committee
  • Academic Integrity
  •  Undergraduate Program Committee
  • Course Advising
  • Honors Thesis & Independent Study Research
  • ILR Liaison for Student Support & Advocacy Services

Rebecca Schimenti
College Registrar

E-mail: | Phone: 607-255-1515

  •  Academic Records
  • Class Scheduling
  • Registration Procedures 
  • Curriculum Requirements 
  • Transfer Credit Advising
  • Course Advising
  • Campus Engagement Platform 
  • ILR Educational Policy Compliance and Procedure

Debbie Beausejour
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Course advising
  • Advisor to MILRSO
  • Multicultural Affairs Liaison 
  • LSC Scholarship Coordinator
  • Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program ILR College Associate

Kathryn Taylor
Associate Director of Advising

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Course Advising
  • ILR School Event Planning:  May and December Commencement & Family Weekend
  • Student Services Program Planning- First-Year Student Experience, New Student
  • Orientation, Pre-enrollment Planning, Special Events as necessary
  • Edit and maintain OSS Canvas site

Dominic Tribelli
Associate Director of Advising

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Course Advising
  • Advisor to undergraduate ILR students
  • Advisor for the ILR Student Government Association
  • Co-coordinator ILR Peer Mentor Program
  • OSS advising liaison with Student Disability Services Office
  • OSS Tutoring

Lizzie Cushing
Registrar Support Specialist

E-mail: | Phone: 607-255-1515

  • Academic Records
  • Transfer and Test Credit
  • Curriculum Requirements 
  • Course Advising
  • Syllabi Review
  • Room Scheduling

Josh Haines
Student Services Assistant

E-mail: Phone: 607-255-2223

  • Frontline Office Support
  • Commencement Support
  • Orientation Support
  • Honor’s Thesis Support
  • Supervision of ILR Student Assistants
  • Responsible for OSS Office Purchasing