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Cultural Perspectives Distribution

Courses must be taken for a letter grade in order to count towards the ILR Distribution Requirement. Undergraduate education should provide students with the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the similarities and differences among cultures around the world. This requirement should engage students in the study of ideas, histories and cultures of countries beyond the United States and Western Europe. Upper-level language courses about culture (including film and literature) will only fulfill this requirement if they focus on non-Western European languages and/or nations.

* Indicates that the class is being offered in Fall 2021


ASRC 1330/MUSIC 1330 African Music

* ASRC 1500/AMST 1500/GOVT 1503 Introduction to Africana Studies

*ASRC 2003 Africa: The Continent and Its People

ASRC 2235/COML 2235/ENGL 2935 New Visions in African Cinema 

ASRC 2240/LATA 2240/SPAN 2240 Perspectives on the Caribbean: Resistance and Revolution in the Caribbean

ASRC 2300 African Cultures and Civilizations 

ASRC 2308/HIST 2541/LATA 2308 Modern Caribbean History 

*ASRC 2543/HIST 2543 In the Crossfire of Empires: Africa and World War II 

ASRC 2670/GOVT 2673/HIST 2672/NES 2670 History and Politics of Modern Egypt 

ASRC 2674/GOVT 2747/ HIST 2674/ JWST 2674/ NES 2674 History of the Modern Middle East in the 19th and 20th Centuries 

ASRC 3310/6610/ AAS 3312/ COML 3310/FGSS 3310/LGBT 3310 Afro-Asia: Futurism and Feminisms

ASRC 3501/ARTH 3510 African Art & Culture 

ASRC 4502/ARTH 4578 African Cinema 

ASRC 4600/GOVT 4606/LATA 4601 Politics and Social Change in the Caribbean 

ASRC 4601/EDUC 4590 Educational  Innovation in Africa and the Diaspora 

ASRC 4602/6602 Woman and Gender Issues in Africa 

ASRC 6600/EDUC 5020 Education and Development in Africa 

AIIS 2390/AMST 2390/HIST 2390 Seminar in Iroquois History 

AIIS 2600/AMST 2600/ENGL 2600 Introduction to Native American Literature

AIIS 2660/AMST 2660/HIST 2660 Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong: Unlearning Native American History 

AMST 2401/ENGL 2400/LSP 2400 Introduction to Latino/a Literature 

AMST 3420/FGSS 3400/GOVT 3401/LSP 3401 Refugees and the Politics of Vulnerability: Intersections of Feminist Theory and Practice 

*ANTHR 1400 The Comparison of Cultures

ANTHR 2400 Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Issues

ANTHR 2430/ARKEO 2430 The Rise and Fall of “Civilization” 

ANTHR 2465/ARKEO 2465/NES 2565 Global Heritage 

ANTHR 2560/ASIAN 2256 Japanese Society through Film 

ANTHR 3255/ARKEO 3255/LATA 3550 Ancient Mexico and Central America 

ANTHR 3420/RELST 3420 Myth, Ritual, and Symbol 

ANTHR 3479 Culture, Language, and Thought

ANTHR 3545/7545 People and Cultures of  the Himalayas 

ARKEO 2522/CLASS 2630/JWST 2522/NES 2522 Drinking in the Ages: Intoxicating Beverages in Near Eastern and World History 

ARKEO 3800/ARTH 3800/ASIAN 3383 Introduction to the Arts of China 

ARCH 3402/5402 Architecture as a Cultural System

*ARTH 3820/ASIAN 3381 Introduction to the Arts of Japan 

ARTH 3850/ASIAN 3350/VISST 3696 The Arts of Southeast Asia 

ARTH 3856/ASIAN 3356 Performing Angkor: Dance, Silk and Stone 

ASIAN 1191/CAPS 1910/HIST 1910 Introduction to Modern Asian History 

*ASIAN 2280 Introduction to Southeast Asia

*ASIAN 2211 Introduction to Japan

ASIAN 2212/CAPS 2212 Introduction to China 

ASIAN 2215 Introduction to South Asia

ASIAN 2218 Introduction to Korea

ASIAN 2222/CAPS 1622/GOVT1623/HIST 1622 The World of Modern Japan 

ASIAN 2225 Literature, Politics, and Genocide in Cambodia

ASIAN 2245/MUSIC 1341/VISST 2744 Gamelan in Indonesian History and Cultures 

* ASIAN 2247/NES 2649/RELST 2247 Controversy and Debate in Islam 

ASIAN 2250/RELST 2250 Introduction to Asian Religions 

ASIAN 2259/MUSIC 2230 Music in and of East Asia 

ASIAN 2260 Japanese Pop Culture

ASIAN 2262/BSOC 2561/CAPS 2262/HIST  2562/STS 2561 Medicine and Healing in China 

ASIAN 2267/CAPS 2267/FGSS 2267 Women and Society in China 

ASIAN 3374/RELST 3374/FGSS 3374, Gendering Enlightenment: Attitudes toward Women in Buddhist Traditions

ASIAN 2275/HIST 2750 History of Modern India 

ASIAN 2277/RELST 2277 Meditation in Indian Culture

ASIAN 2279/RELST 2279 Chinese Mythology 

ASIAN 2298/HIST 2890 The Vietnamese Wars: 1945-1990

* ASIAN2299/RELST 2299  Buddhism 

ASIAN 3321/CAPS 3403/GOVT 3403 China Under Revolution and Reform 

ASIAN 3327/CAPS 3827/GOVT 3827 China and the World 

ASIAN 3346/GOVT 3463 Modern Japanese Politics  

ASIAN 3351/RELST 3351 Indian Religious Worlds 

ASIAN 3355/RELST 3355 Japanese Religions 

ASIAN 3359/RELST 3359 Japanese Buddhism 

ASIAN 3374 Chinese Narrative Literature

ASIAN 3389/COML 3850/VISST 3851 Partition: Fiction and Film 

ASIAN 3396 & 6696/HIST 3960 & 6960 Transnational Local: Histories of the Modern in Southeast Asia 

ASIAN 4436/VISST 4436 Topics in Indian Film 

ASIAN 4489/RELST 4489 Religion and Sustainability: Traditionalist Discourses in the Twenty-First Century 

ASIAN 6651 Indian Religious Worlds

CAPS 3049; GOVT 3044; ASIAN 3304, China's Next Economy

CLASS 2634/COML 2634/JWST 2634/NES 2634/RELST 2634 Jews and the Classical Age of Islam 

CRP 1101 The Global City

COML 3743/JWST 3655/NES 3655 Minorities of the Middle East 

* DSOC 2010/SOC 2202 Population Dynamics 

DSOC 3290/GOVT 3293/LATA 3290 Comparative Politics of Latin America 

DSOC 4300 Human Migration

DSOC 6060 Sociological Theories of Development

ENGL 2090 Introduction to Cultural Studies

FGSS 4640/HIST 4642/NES 4642 Women in the Modern Middle East 

FDSC 2500/JWST 2501 Kosher and Halal Food Regulations 

GOVT 1313 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics

GOVT 2807/HIST 2607/NES 2607/RELST 2617 Islam and Politics 

*GOVT 3313/JWST 3850/NES 3850 Middle Eastern Politics 

GOVT 3353 African Politics

GOVT 3537/JWST 3537/NES 3537/RELST 3537 Zionism and Its Discontents 

GOVT 3977/JWST 3697/NES 3697/SOC 3970 History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

HIST 1960/LATA 1960 Modern Latin America 

HIST 1970/ ASRC 1790/ LATA 1970 Pirates, Slaves, and Revolutionaries: A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to Louverture

HIST 2161/NES 2616 Iran and the World 

HIST 2180 Seminar on Genocide

*HIST 2530/MEDVL 2655/NES 2655/RELST 2655 Introduction to Islamic Civilization 

HIST 2969 The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

HIST 3519/NES 3519 History of State and Society in Modern Iran: Through Literature and Film

HIST 3700/JWST 3700/NES 3600 History of the Holocaust 

HIST 4590/LATA 4590/SPAN 4595 Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution in Latin America 

HIST 4963/ MEDVL 4963/6963, ASIAN 4461/6661, CAPS 4963 Chinas' Early Modern 

JWST 2556/NES 2556/RELST 2556 Introduction to the Qur’an 

JWST 2575/NES 2575/RELST 2575 Myth and Religion in Mesopotamia 

*JWST/RELST/NES 2599 Medicine, Magic and Science in the Ancient Near East

*JWST/NES 2601 Introduction to the Ancient Near East 

JWST 2644/NES 2644/RELST 2644 Introduction to Judaism 

JWST 4525/NES 4525 Palestinians in Israel 

LATA 1301/LSP 1301/MUSIC 1301 Introductions to the World of Music I: Africa and the Americas 

LATA 2200/LSP 2201/SPAN 2200 Perspectives on Latin American 

MUSIC 1302 Introduction to the World of Music II: Asia

NES 2523/JWST/COML/GOVT/RELST Islamophobia and Judeophobia

NES 2537 Ninth-Century Baghdad and Its Bad Boys and Girls

NES 3658 History of Iran 

* SPAN 2150 Contemporary Latin American Survey 

* SPAN 2205 Perspectives on Latin America in Spanish 

SPAN 3440 Global Latin America