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Meet with an Advisor

Recent graduates and alumni with more experience seeking career services support can arrange a time to chat with one of our advisors.

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Engage with Alumni

Connect with fellow alumni who will have more expertise to advise you in your career needs.

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Find Opportunities

Early Career

Cornell's job-search platform, Handshake, includes job postings for recent graduates with up to five years of experience.

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5+ Years of Experience

We send new job postings for alumni with 5+ years of experience, either from employer partners or fellow alumni, to the ILR Alumni Association's LinkedIn group.

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Hire Fellow Alumni

Hire Recent Grads

To post positions for recent ILR/Cornell graduates (0-5 years of work experience), use the free service available through Handshake.

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5+ Years Experience

To share an opportunity with experienced alumni with 5+ years of work experience, contact Johanna (Jo) Tuttle, Employer Relations Specialist at The position will then be shared with the ILR Alumni Association group on LinkedIn.

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Alumni Clubs and Associations

Check out the events and activities sponsored by Cornell regional clubs and alumni associations. There are more than 80 active domestic clubs and 30 international clubs that together produce more than 1,000 events per year. Events and activities sponsored by dedicated alumni volunteers are great ways to connect with alumni to network and learn about careers in a field you may be interested in pursuing.

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Connect with Alumni

Support ILR Students

There are many ways that alumni can give back to ILR!

We make it easy for employers to reach students through on-campus interviews, online job postings, and recruiting events such as career fairs and forums. Our employer page contains information about how to hire ILR students or you can contact us directly for help in developing a hiring strategy.