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Portrait of Leigh Amaro

Interview: Diane Burton speaks with Leigh Amaro about the impact of the Pandemic

ILR's Diane Burton spoke with Leigh Amaro '00, about her perspective on the pandemic as Mastercard's senior vice president, enterprise partnerships.

Leigh outlined changes at Mastercard – to both leadership and day-to-day work – and the ways her organization has adapted to situations such as remote working. She also talked about office reopenings and changes to working patterns across the organization.

She also spoke about the pandemic's effects on small and medium businesses moving to digital, including the shift in payment services offered (such as contactless payment services).

Leigh has worked for over 20 years in the payment industry. At Mastercard, she oversees diverse set of enterprise partnerships including projects focused on financial inclusion, urban mobility, remittances and healthcare. Leigh is also a champion for women at work with a focus on empowering entrepreneurship.

You can watch the whole interview below.