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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

Interview: Ariel Avgar speaks with Rubén King-Shaw about pandemic impacts on health care industry

screen-shot of Rubén King-Shaw Jr from a video-conference interview recording

ILR's Professor Ariel Avgar spoke with Rubén José King-Shaw Jr. about how the pandemic is affecting the health care industry.

During their conversation, Rubén provided high-level context for the impact that the pandemic had on health care as an industry, then discussed more specific changes that COVID-19 has created as the situation unfolded. Rubén outlined the financial pressure on health care providers – which many might find surprising – and further discussed the approach his organizations have been taking to the HR, business and financial challenges the pandemic has created.

Rubén has been chief strategy officer at Steward Health Care System since 2018, and has a long career health care, both in the public and private sectors. Rubén has lead large projects for public-sector health at the state and national level – having served as chief operating officer, deputy administrator, and leading advisor for federal health care programs. He has also focused on business operations and financial investment. Rubén graduated from Cornell's ILR School in 1983.

You can watch the full interview below, and on the ILR Youtube channel.

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