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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

Interview: Alex Colvin speaks with Eugene Schneur about the pandemic and property development

Portrait of Eugene Schneur

ILR's dean, Alex Colvin, spoke with Eugene Schneur about how the pandemic has been affecting the property-development and real estate industry.

Gene outlined many of the problems faced by property managers and developers, highlighting the many essential workers involved in keeping buildings working. He also discussed leadership under pandemic conditions, and the importance of looking after workers as the top priority.

Gene also spoke about the economic impacts of the pandemic on housing – particularly affordable housing. He talked about both the buyers and tenants and the new realities of construction and renovation. He also discussed business areas which have been more sustainable, economically, such as the savings from business travel.

Gene is the co-Managing Director and co-founder of Omni New York LLC, where he has since overseen day-to-day operations. Omni has grown into a full service real estate organization (development, syndication, construction, management and security) with over 800 full-time employees. Omni has acquired, rehabilitated or built over 17,000 units of affordable housing with an aggregate transaction amount of approximately $3 billion dollars.

Gene holds a degree from ILR and a J. D. from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. He also serves on the board of GrowNYC and the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

Watch the interview below.

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