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Portrait of Bob Hoyt

Bob Hoyt ’86

ILR's dean, Alex Colvin, spoke with Bob F. Hoyt ’86 about how the pandemic has been affecting global financial service firms, and the financial industry in general.

Bob outlined some of the ways the banking sector stands out during the pandemic, including its role as a front-line service. He spoke about how banks play a role in financial relief and other government-lead programs such as business loans, financial advice, and branch services.

He talked about balancing the changes to working practices for large firms, from offering in-person services while moving to remote-working for roles that can be done at home. Bob highlighted the need for firms to look after their employees health as a strategic as well as human priority – with a special emphasis on mental health. He also discussed cyber crime, and its rise during the time of lockdown and insecurity.

Bob joined HSBC as group chief legal officer in January. Bob's legal career in the financial sector has included general-counsel positions with major financial firms, and he was general counsel of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, where he directed the U.S. administration’s legal strategy for managing significant events in the financial markets. Bob also served the White House as special assistant and associate counsel to President George W. Bush.

Bob graduated from Cornell University with honors in 1986, and received his master’s degree and juris doctor degree, cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989.

You can watch the full interview below.

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