Social & Cultural Program

One of the essential components of the ILR/UCD Study in Dublin Program is to offer you the opportunity to learn more about Ireland's rich and complex history and culture. 

The UCD cultural and social program offers study abroad students the opportunity to learn about Irish history and culture through a series of excursions and field trips in both Dublin and throughout Ireland. We strongly encourage ILR students to participate in these events.  There is no additional cost for these events. Typical events include:

Walking Tours of Dublin

  • Glendalough Hike and Day Trip
  • A visit to the National Theatre
  • Kilkenny Day Trip
  • Belfast Day Trip
  • Evenings of traditional Irish music
  • Day trips to ancient historic sites & castles
  • A visit to the Presidential residence
  • Horse racing
  • An evening of Irish dance

Interested study abroad students are invited to join the over 100 social and recreational clubs available at UCD. You can join any of these Clubs & Societies during Freshers' Week (second week of the Fall semester) at their stands in the Arts/Commerce Building. This is a very important aspect of student life in the College.

The selection and variety of the different Clubs and Societies is huge, and no matter what your interests there will probably be a group that caters to you. Joining clubs and societies is the best way to meet people in UCD - and most sports clubs cater to beginners. Visit UCD Clubs and Societies.

We also encourage you to do some research on the rich history and culture of Ireland before leaving for your semester abroad. Some good websites include: