Each prospective student should give serious consideration to any health concerns that may affect them while studying abroad.

University College Dublin offers all international students comprehensive health services on campus.   The Student Health Services office is located in the Student Centre on the Belfield campus.  Should you have a health concern, we encourage you to seek the services provided.  Student Health Services can be reached by phone at: 716-3133.

Please note, the available health services at UCD do not include dental care.  Dental care is relatively expensive in Ireland and students are encouraged to get a check up before they leave for their semester abroad.

Under Irish law, non-EU students who will be resident in Ireland for a minimum of one year are eligible for public hospital treatment under the same conditions as an Irish citizen. However, because you will only be in Ireland for one semester, you are not eligible for this benefit.

Therefore, it is mandatory that you secure your own private health insurance before leaving for Ireland. If you already have health insurance, please be sure to check with your health insurance company that you are covered while abroad.

If you will be bringing any medications with you to Ireland, carry prescriptions in their original containers. You should also bring a written copy of prescriptions using the generic name for each medicine.

Meningitis C Vaccination

The Irish Department of Health and Children has implemented a program to inoculate everyone 22 years and under against Meningitis C. If you are within this age group, we advise, but not require, that you to get a vaccination for Meningitis C before departing for Dublin. If you are unable to get vaccinated before leaving for Ireland, you are eligible to be receive a free inoculation at the UCD Student Health Centre.

Meningitis develops quickly and it’s early symptoms are often confused with colds and flu. Please note these symptoms: vomiting, fever, severe headache, painful joints and stiff neck. As the disease progresses, the following may develop: sensitivity to light, disorientation, development of red or purple spots on the skin.

If you suspect you may have contracted meningitis, please contact a doctor immediately and proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Health Insurance

EVERY participant in the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program, is required to have comprehensive health insurance that will cover them while studying abroad. Students may seek coverage through their own private health insurance or through the Cornell Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP).

The Cornell Student Health Insurance Program is valid anywhere in the world, but you will need to pay up front for any medical services.  You will need to save your receipts and then submit them for reimbursement. Many private health insurers work in a similar way, but you should contact your individual insurer to confirm details of their requirements.

In the event of serious illness or accident, it is very important that you contact the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program office.

You can reach Brigid Beachler, Managing Director at (607) 255-2266. In case of emergency, Ms. Beachler can be reached at home at (607) 277-6438.

Each student is required to complete the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program Health Insurance Form and submit it to Brigid Beachler in 119 Ives Hall before leaving for Dublin.

Please visit the Cornell's Student Health Insurance Program for more information on enrollment. Please note, you will be charged for a full year's coverage for this insurance.

UnitedHealthcare Global

As a Cornell student you are covered for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance through UnitedHealthcare Global.  As a member of Cornell you are entitled to the following services:

  • Medical and travel assistance services
  • Security assistance services
  • Online information: country guides, travel security reports

Please visit the UnitedHealthcare Global site for more information and to download a copy of the UnitedHealthcare Global card.  You will need your net ID. Please keep in mind that this is not health insurance and can not be substituted for your own comprehensive health plan.

UnitedHealthcare Global provides coverage from the first day of the month your program begins and ends on the last day of the month during which your program ends.  You are not covered by UnitedHealthcare Global for dates outside of that period.

Should a medical emergency arise, you must call the Emergency Response Center collect 1-410-453-6330, as pre-approval is required for medical evacuation.  The contact information for UnitedHealthcare Global in Ireland is 1-410-453-6330 call collect. You should identify yourself as a Cornell student and provide the Cornell University ID number #343211.