Disability Support Services

University College Dublin provides comprehensive disability support services to all study abroad students. Services are available to students with physical disabilities, long term medical conditions, visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, mental health difficulties, and specific learning difficulties.

DSS Offices are located on level one of the library building at UCD's Belfield campus. You can also contact them by email at: dss@ucd.ie.

If you will require support services for either a physical, mental or learning disability during your semester abroad, we recommend contacting UCD's DSS office to apprise them of the nature of the services you will require. You should bring documentation verifying your disability as well as a list of all medications you are taking, and schedule an appointment to meet with their counselors soon after your arrival in Dublin.

All of UCD's newest buildings are physically accessible and accommodations will be made in buildings that are not fully accessible if necessary. There are also a number of accessible on-campus apartments. If you need special accessibility for on-campus housing, please notify the ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program Office during the application process.

UCD's on-line application provides you with the opportunity to disclose your disability. Please be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential, but your disclosure allows UCD to plan for any necessary accommodations before your arrival.

We also encourage you to visit Cornell's Office of Student Disability Services before leaving campus. You should discuss with SDS any services that maybe available to you from their office while abroad. SDS is located at: 420 CCC, Garden Ave. Ext. You can also contact them at: (607) 254-4545 or visit the Cornell's Student Disability website