Graduate Program

The MILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program is the educational centerpiece of an evolving comprehensive collaboration between ILR and the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at the University College of Dublin located in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland.  The UCD graduate business school is a progressive institution with a focus on diversity and innovation.  It is one of the only 50 schools worldwide to have triple accreditation from the USA, European & UK accrediting bodies.

This study opportunity is now available to MILR students who wish to enrich their ILR education by gaining exposure to issues of work and workplace relations affecting the 27 nations of the European Union.  In addition to study, students enrolled at UCD during the spring semester, the option of pursuing a summer internship (following the completion of the academic term) with a corporate, non- profit, union or governmental agency may be possible.

Who is eligible to apply?

First and second year MILR students are eligible. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and submit an essay explaining why they are interested in the program. Eligible MILR students, apply by October 15th for UCD spring semester, and May 1st for UCD fall semester.

For further information contact Brigid Beachler, Managing Director of Off-Campus Credit Programs, 119 Ives Hall, Phone: (607) 255-2266, Email:

What are the program costs?

There is no change in tuition (students pay the same ILR tuition they currently pay), and there are no additional fees for the program.

Curriculum & Course Options

The MILR/UCD semester in Dublin is an ILR focused curriculum to give MILR students exposure to issues of work and workplace relations affecting the 27 nations of the European Union.  The Smurfit School is organized into six subject areas spanning the core disciplines of business.  ILR students have the opportunity to take classes in a variety of areas, but will be housed with the Department of Industrial Relations & Human Resources.

  • All approved classes will count as ILR credit (12 credit minimum)
  • Courses will appear on transcript with ILR prefixes (i.e. ILRIC 5330)
  • All classes will count toward the student GPA
  • Three class course load for the semester with a possible fourth class at student discretion

Admission & Time Line

  • All admissions decisions are made by ILR
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA
  • A maximum of 2-3 students per semester will be admitted
  • Students must complete an application for ILR (a separate on-line UCD application is pro forma but required)

MILR UCD Application (DOC, 50 KB)