What does PSP cost?

PSP is completely FREE!

How do I travel to Cornell for the summer?

If you live in NYC, a bus will be sent to pick you up. If you are traveling from other locations, you will be fully reimbursed for travel.

Why was I invited to attend PSP?

Students are invited based on their high school experiences, geographic location, and personal backgrounds. Each year, the ILR Admissions Committee is given a set number of spaces for this fully-funded summer experience and selects students who they believe will benefit from and appreciate the many ways PSP assists with the transition to college.

Why am I required to attend PSP?

Here are a few common reasons ILR requires students to attend PSP:

  • We feel that an early start could help ensure a smooth transition from high school to college given aspects of your academic record. This can include fluctuations in performance throughout HS, lower grades in certain ILR-relevant areas, etc.
  • Your current geographic location is different from that of Ithaca, NY and we believe a summer in Ithaca is the perfect way to acclimate yourself to this new environment.
  • You are a member of the Educational Opportunity Program.

What should I bring with me to PSP?

Your official PSP welcome packet will include suggested items that you might consider bringing with you.

What will be expected of me during PSP?

During PSP, you will be expected to attend all classes, activities and meetings. While on campus, you will be expected to follow all Cornell rules and standards of behavior. 

How will the program help me?

This program will allow you to earn credit toward your ILR degree, make new friends, meet your advisors, and learn your way around the campus and Ithaca community before other new students arrive.

What if I need to work this summer?

If the Admissions Committee has required you to attend PSP, work is not reason enough to be excused from attending, as we believe this experience will play an important role in your acclimation to and success at Cornell. We will work with the Office of Financial Aid to cover the contributions expected from summer work.

What if the PSP dates conflict with my graduation and prom?

In the case of a conflict, while you will be allowed to attend both of these events, it will be your responsibility to obtain any information from the classes you miss while you are away. PSP will only pay for your transportation to attend graduation.

What happens if I do not attend PSP or do not successfully complete the program?

If you are required to attend PSP, but choose not to, or if you are required or invited, and begin the program, but do not complete it, you will NOT be permitted to attend Cornell University in the fall. There are NO exceptions. 

Who can I contact for more information now and during this summer?

Please contact the ILR Office of Student Services if you have anyquestions (607-255-2223 or ilr_oss@cornell.edu).