ILR students hoping to participate in the internship program should pre-register for the upcoming semester as if they were going to be in Ithaca. The internship process is generally not completed by the time of pre-registration (roughly the beginning of November for the Spring term and the beginning of April for the Fall term) and the possibility always exists that a student's plan to undertake an internship will not work out.


If the internship does become a reality, the Registrar of the ILR School will register all interns for internship credit and, for those located in Washington, D.C. and New York City, the ILR course offered in each location. Students should make certain that the ILR Registrar is aware of any non-Cornell courses they are planning to take in order to ensure that the credit received is transferable.

Pre-enrollment While Off-Campus

To pre-enroll for the semester following their credit internship, students participating in the ILR Credit Internship Program pre-enroll just as they would if they were on campus. As pre-registration approaches, students will receive an email from the Office of Student Services that includes official pre-enrollment dates.

If you have any questions or problems you must contact Jenn Weidner prior to your pre-registration date to ensure that you get the courses you need.  Late inquiries or problems may not be cleared up in time to guarantee you will get your first choice for classes.

Visit the Cornell website for complete course listings.

You may not ask anyone else to pre-register for you.  This is a violation of the Cornell Code of Conduct and you could be referred to the Judicial Office for disciplinary action.