Students will make their own flight arrangements and arrive in their host cities at their convenience.  Upon arrival, students should know the exact location of the housing they have arranged, and have researched the best transportation method to get to their lodging.  Public transportation information is available online for most large international cities.  If students intend to take a taxi from the airport or train station to their housing, we suggest they inquire of their landlords the approximate cab fare for such a trip. Taxis often take advantage of tourists, so it’s important to have a firm idea of cost ahead of time.

You will likely need local currency at the time of your arrival.  All major airports will have ATMs available.  Your best exchange rates can be found at the ATMs and most offer English language instruction.

Please be aware of your baggage, wallets, purses and passports at all times.  The most likely time to be pick-pocketed is when you are tired, confused, and struggling with your luggage.  Do not accept assistance with your luggage from a stranger.  You may not see it again!