Public Engagement

We create centers and institutes to focus our work.

We create centers and institutes to focus our work.

The world of work is varied and includes most of humanity. Our centers, institutes, and programs study, train, and apply their research to improve working lives.

Buffalo Co-Lab

Engages local communities with academics, practitioners, students and extension professionals to make Buffalo a model of regeneration. Learn more about the Buffalo Co-Lab »

Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS)

The world's leading human resource partnership between industry and academia, and a unique network of corporate partners from the world's top companies. ILR's top HR faculty work directly with partners and share new research and applications to create excellence in human resources. Learn more about CAHRS »

Cornell Higher Education Research Institute (CHERI)

Facilitates interdisciplinary research on higher education, working with faculty and administrators from Cornell colleges and around the world. The institute's current research interests include the financial challenges facing higher education and reducing inequality in access to higher education. Learn more about CHERI »

K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (YTI)

Advances policies and practices to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities and ensure their full inclusion in the workplace and in communities. YTI is a leading source of research and information on employment and disability for employers, lawmakers, federal and state agencies, and service providers. Learn more about YTI »

ILR Executive Education

Delivers results-based, action learning to address business challenges. Equips HR professionals and organizational leaders with the strategic frameworks and operational tools to build individual employee and organizational capability. Learn more about ILR Exec Ed »

Institute for Compensation Studies (ICS)

Interdisciplinary center focused on research, teaching and communicating about monetary and non-monetary rewards from work. ICS provides publications, programs and expert insight to inform and advance practitioner decision making and promote public discourse on compensation issues. Learn more about ICS »

Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS)

Established to help strengthen ILR's presence in New York City, with an emphasis on the Future of Work. The Institute features a monthly gathering on the Future of Work, supports companies and NGOs in thinking about the Future of Work, and conducts original research. Learn more about IWS »

Labor and Employment Law Program

Merges law and social science research, providing attorneys, legislators, social scientists, and policymakers with multifaceted perspectives to address contemporary labor and employment law and workplace challenges, and influence litigation and public policy decisions. Special initiatives focus on criminal justice and employment; legal repositories of consent decrees and ADA court cases and settlement agreements; and forums addressing emerging legal issues. Learn more about the Labor and Employment Law Program »

Labor Dynamics Institute (LDI)

Creates and makes accessible data on the dynamics of labor markets for research networks and statistical agencies. LDI's work informs policymakers, researchers and educators, and includes partnerships with key organizations including the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Science Foundation. Learn more about LDI »

Martin and Laurie Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

The only institute of its kind providing undergraduate and graduate education and interdisciplinary research focused on conflict resolution in the workplace. The institute offers training programs on dispute resolution for practitioners, advocates and professional neutrals, nationwide. Learn more about Scheinman »

R. Brinkley Smithers Institute for Alcohol-Related Workplace Studies

Research institute dedicated to advancing knowledge of alcohol, drug and health issues in the workplace. The Smithers Institute advocates that the workplace is a critical arena for prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol-related problems. Learn more about Smithers »

Sustainable Labor Practices in Global Supply Chains Project

The purpose of the “New Conversations” project is promote dialogue between multiple stakeholders in order to find pathways to more sustainable labor practices in global supply chains, particularly in the garment sector. Learn more about this project »

Worker Institute at Cornell

Provides research, education and a forum for public discourse on worker rights and collective representation. The institute promotes innovative thinking to inform policy reform and leads initiatives focusing on strategic leadership: international collective action; equity at work; labor, the environment and sustainable development; and precarious work. Learn more about the Worker Institute »

We apply our work through our locations across New York state.

We apply our work through our locations across New York state.

ILR New York City

We have provided education and training on a wide range of workplace issues in New York City since 1948.

  • There are 55 ILR extension faculty and staff from across ILR Outreach institutes and programs based in New York City.
  • Our newly-opened offices at 570 Lexington are a rededication to – and investment in – serving NYC.

ILR in Western New York

Our first extension office – established in Buffalo in 1946 – continues to advance the world of work in western New York. Our recent initiatives such as Furthering High Road Economic Partnerships have brought new assets to Greater Buffalo’s economic revitalization. And, our training on safety, health, and contemporary labor and environmental topics address front-line work hazards.

ILR in Rochester

Since 1970, ILR in Rochester has offered education and training programs to unions and workers. Our training informs their day-to-day work as representatives and advocates, and addresses evolving workplace issues.

ILR in Ithaca

Our home is part of Cornell's Ithaca campus, where our work is complemented by a community of more than 24,000 scholars and students just steps away.

The Martin P. Catherwood Library at the ILR School

The Catherwood Library is the most comprehensive resource on labor and employment in North America. It offers expert research support through reference services, instruction, online guides, and access to premier collections.

Public Training

Public Training

Through our institutes, centers, and state-wide offices, we offer a wide range of training aimed at a broad audience and focused on work, employment, and labor. We also offer training courses and certificates for professionals looking to enhance their careers or organizations.