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Associate Professor Vanessa Bohns in the hallway of the Ives Faculty Building.

Meet the Faculty: Vanessa Bohns

Prof. Bohns teaches courses in the Organizational Behavior department, including Morality at Work (ILROB 4760) and Negotiations (ILROB 5790).

What do you enjoy about working with ILR students?

I love that ILR students are interested in both academic ideas and their practical applications. I’ve had students get excited to learn more about a particular study or theory, as well as students tell me that they’ve started following the news to see what’s going on with some organization or case we talked about in class.

What piece of advice would you like to offer your students?

Try not to feel too intimidated by your professors—we‘re just people! Say hi to us, ask us for help, ask us about course topics or what our research is on, tell us what you’re interested in. More often than not, we’re happy to chat!

When do you recommend students to reach out to you?

If you’re interested in learning more about how we run organizational behavior and psychology experiments with human participants in the lab.